Online Salon Marketing – What To Do When It’s Time To Grow

It’s funny how online salon marketing makes its appearance at a salon. When you open a salon, it’s normally not one of the top items on the to do list. It’s usually on the “do it when I get around to it” list.

But no matter where it starts, it always makes its way to the top of the list. It may happen later at your salon than at others, but it always happens.

One day you’ll look around and realize that you need to grow. Your service is great, your staff is great and your  location is great.  What’s not great is the number of people coming through the door.

You think to yourself, “If I could just show more people what we have to offer here. If more people knew how great this place is…” That’s when it hits you.  The best place to reach the largest number of the right people is online.  You need to be there and you need to get there quickly.

Online Salon Marketing Equals Telling Your Story

As you rush to get online, consider this. Marketing is just story telling. Nothing more, nothing less. Ever heard of reputation management? That’s just a big word for shaping the story that people hear about your salon. Stories are everything.

However, before you start working on the story you’re going to tell, make sure your story isn’t already being told.  Take a long, hard, honest look at your salon. You need to be certain your salon provides top notch service.

A Really Bad Haircut Always Trumps Really Good Marketing

The internet version of word of mouth travels a lot quicker than the old school version.

No marketing plan on earth can compete with a crappy salon visit. A happy customer may tell three friends about you but an unhappy customer will tell seven.

online salon marketingThanks to smartphones and social media, those numbers are much bigger and more immediate. Chances are the world will know about a bad haircut long before you try to pre-book that next appointment.

So let’s assume you’ve got the service part taken care of. How do you make sure people know about your salon?  More importantly, how do you get them to walk through the door and take a seat?

Internet marketing. It has just about replaced newspapers and the Yellow Pages as the main way local businesses reach their communities. With the rise of social media sites like Facebook and Google+, there are more ways than ever to put your message in front of people. But that’s a problem. Your audience is scattered across the internet. So how can you get anyone to see your message if you don’t know where they’re looking?

You have two choices for telling your story online.

  • Do it yourself.
  • Hire a professional internet marketer or salon consultant.

For the salon owner that’s more comfortable behind the chair than in front of the keyboard, that’s not much of a choice. It’s just easier to turn their online salon marketing over to a professional. That’s understandable. The learning curve seems pretty steep. In reality, the fundamentals aren’t that complicated at all.

Your Story Telling Platform

Your Online Salon Marketing Foundation
online salon marketing planThe single most important piece of online real estate is your website. It’s your online story teller. All of your other accounts and platforms should simply help your website tell your story.

Until recently setting up a website required knowledge of HTML, CSS, Java Script and more. Now there’s WordPress.

WordPress is one of the most used website platforms world wide. In use by 1 of every 6 websites, it has opened the door for salon owners to create and maintain their foundations without the need for dedicated professionals to setup or maintain their sites.

Many salon owners have websites that are no more than online business cards. Many were created by developers who were more artist than marketer. Their sites are pretty, but they do very little to help the salon owner bring new faces through the front door.

When setup properly, your website will perform three fundamental tasks.

  1. Invite The Guests
     Online salon marketing tends to be pretty useless someone hears the story you’re telling. You need to combine search engine optimization with content marketing and social media to invite visitors to your website.
  2. Set The Table
     The internet has made us impatient.  Visitors have learned to quickly scan your website.  If you can’t pin them to your website in three seconds then they’re gone along with your opportunity to find a new customer.  Successful website design holds visitors on your site.
  3. Serve The Meal
    The most key to a successful online salon marketing is a high conversion rate.  Your compelling call to action is designed to convert website visitors into salon leads.


How To Tell Your Own Story

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Welcome aboard. I Help Salons is your one stop resource for online, salon specific marketing information.

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