Wordfence Security and Hair Stylist Websites

Wordfence Security is one of the two most popular plugins solutions for hardening your WordPress website against hackers. It does quite a bit to protect your site against hackers but it doesn’t do everything that can be done to keep your site secure.

This sound like a limitation. In reality it’s a strength and the reason that I recommend Wordfence to new website owners. It’s also the reason I use it on all of the sites that I manage.

Being Prepared in Times of Change

A new customer of mine told me of a colleague who felt he didn’t need a website.  His attitude was simple.  He “already had enough business.” That narrow view is unfortunate.

In times of change, learners will inherit the earth, while the learned will find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.

There are many uses for websites. Driving new customers to your business is one use. Maintaining contact with current customers is another. However, one use that is overlooked by many small businesses owners it’s your best tool for shaping the online conversation about your brand.

With the increased relevance of review sites, it’s important to have a space online where you have the ability to tell your story. Without it, your story will be good by people who don’t always have your best interest in mind.

Wordfence Security versus Better WP Security  (BWPS)

Wordfence and BWPS overlap in many ways. However the difference for new website owners is the learning curve. Wordfence Security is much easier to understand at first blush.

BWPS’s ability to obscure a hacker’s attack points requires a more mature understanding of WordPress. Because of the changes that it make to key files, it is very easy to accidentally lock yourself out of your own site.

The developers at iThemes recommend that you have a solid backup before you install the plugin in case anything goes awry. Good advice because in my experience, it’s very easy for things to “go awry.”

I recommend Wordfence Security to all my customers because it’s easy to understand and configure.  This in my eyes is one of its biggest strengths. After all the best tool in the world is useless, if you don’t know how to use it.

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