Will The New Facebook News Feed Hurt Your Salon

The change to the Facebook news feed should be a surprise to no one. By now we're all used to Facebook making some sort of change to their platform every few months, weeks, days.

The New Facebook News Feed Changes The Game

Facebook has been under constant pressure to increase their ability to monetize its billion or so members. The change to the news feed is a large step in that direction.

More than just a case of corporate redecorating. This change is part of Facebook's efforts to insinuate themselves into our everyday lives and steal more of our precious online time away from competitors such as Google.

It's All About Changing Habits

To my mind the beauty of the Facebook plan lies in its potential to take our current "Facebook Habit" and expand on it.

· Graph Search is geared toward changing our on-the-go buying habits.
· The new News Feed is geared toward changing our news and entertainment consumption habits.

Prepping Your Salon For The News Feed

The redesigned news feed is more visually oriented. The social portion of your online salon marketing plan needs to incorporate videos and images into your submissions in order to better engage your audience.

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