Websites from the School House to Beside the Chair

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WordPress Backups Every week is a learning experience here in Sin City. This week was no different. I learned that there’s more than one way to set the table this week. In retrospect, I imagine that were I a little more flexible in my thinking I would have realized this small fact a bit sooner in the journey.

I’ve long mentioned that being an internet marketer comes with a certain mindset about how a website is supposed to be setup. I’ve always advocated that a website needs a call to action, and that call to action needs to capture one of the five golden permissions.


  • Permission to call
  • Permission to send snail mail
  • Permission to send an email
  • Permission to send a text message
  • Permission to send a push message

That’s still valid from a long term marketing pint of view.  It’s time tested and it works… As long as you do it.  In this episode I discuss a conversation I had with one of my clients that reminded me that there’s more than one way to get anything done.