Websites for Hairstylists and the Jetpack Plugin

Whenever I build websites for hairstylists, there’s a list of “gotta haves” that I pay attention to.

Hairstylist websites need to answer some pretty specific questions. What services do you provide? What hair product lines do you use? Where is your salon located? How do customers make appointments? The usuals.

There are few details that aren’t as obvious as that. One of those not so obvious details concerns plugins.

We talked in episode 68 about choosing plugins for websites. That conversation focused on the functionality hairstylists need for a successful site. Two of those functions include security and search engine optimization (SEO).

When building websites for hairstylists, there’s an interesting balance between want and need. Clients need the functionality.  I want them to use their websites as more than an online business card.

That can be tricky because most of my clients aren’t geeks. There’s nothing more disappointing than a website that begins gathering dust as soon as it goes live.

A website is a tool. To get the most out of it, you’ve got to use it.

Websites for Hairstylists and the Little Plugin that Could

Jetpack is a plugin distributed by Automattic; the same people responsible for There’s a lot of opinions surrounding this piece of software. Some people love it. Others hate it on many different levels.

But is it a good fit for hairstylists websites?  In this episode we help you decide.

Introducing Margie Time

One of the benefits of running a web hosting company is the adventure of meeting interesting people.  This week I introduce you to a new customer that will be a recurring presence on the podcast.  She is completely new to using the internet in her business.  Helping her build and promote her site will help me illustrate the steps hairstylists should follow with their websites.

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