So What Exactly Is A Website Content Strategy?

Website Content Strategy

Website Content StrategyIn this episode we discuss a simple website content strategy.  Our goal is to generate a constant supply of new stories to tell.

Putting useful content on your website keeps Google happy and gets visitors to return to your site over and over.

Approaches To Website Content Strategy

In a recent blog post, Heidi Cohen listed 5 Content Marketing Strategies to Fill Your Editorial Calendar. We discuss how to use them as part of your online content strategy.

As the key tool in your online salon marketing plan, your website has a very simple role:

  • Invite the guests
  • Set the table
  • Serve the meal

Creating a content strategy doesn’t sound sexy, but it’s necessary. Without it you’re not going to accomplish any of those tasks.

Invite the Guests
Google values sites that answer questions and provide quality information. Google controls 67% of all search traffic. Your web content strategy needs to provide that info and supply those answers.  You want Google to see your site as being more valuable than other salon websites in your area.

Set the Table
In the podcast we discuss Ms. Cohen’s strategies and lay out a couple of content strategy examples for you to consider. We also discuss the importance of using content to generate repeat visits to your website.  There are two approaches to web content strategy.  You can create content for new visitors or create it for repeat visitors.

Chances are you won’t have time to bother with making a distinction when you’re creating content.  As long as it’s compelling (interesting) it will serve both types of visitors.

Ultimately, a good website content strategy will put your call to action in front of your website visitors over and over again. You may not get them on the first try, but the odds shift in your favor the more they come back.

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