Website Analytics Tools | Understanding Your Website Traffic

Website analytics tools. Not the most common terminology in your average salon. However, most of my clients are stylists and I bring it up with them as often as possible.

Trust usually isn’t an issue here. But I try to touch on analytics early and often. Without it, you have no idea what your website’s doing. In my opinion, if you own a website, you should have an understanding of analytics.

Of course, there are those owners who think “Hey! That’s what I have you for.” I don’t disagree. Then again, I’m not asking you to learn to code HTML or CSS.  I just think it’s important that you know how to check your own numbers.  You may not know how to change the oil in your car, but I’m sure you how to check it.

Website Analytics Tools | Your Choices

Web traffic is a pretty popular topic with online geeks. As you can imagine, there are plenty of tools to help you understand what’s going on under the hood.

Some tools are free. Some you pay for. Alexa, Quantcast and MOZ are a few of the paid services. These companies use powerful website analytics tools that meet the needs of professional marketers and SEOs. Their livelihoods depend on understanding what’s working and what’s not. These are the folks that participate in the Local Search Ranking Factors survey each year.

But there are free analytics tools that work just fine.

You’ve probably heard of Google Analytics.  You may not exactly know how to use it, but you know it exists.  If you’re not “geek inclined”, it can be a little intimidating. Luckily, there are other website analytics tools available.

One you may not have heard of is called Awstats.  It’s featured on all cPanel website control panels.  It tells the same story that Google Analytics tells.  It just does it in a slightly different way.

In this episode we have a general discussion of these two tools. We talk about their similarities and the differences that may make a difference in which you use to understand you own website analytics.

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