Web Design for Hair Salons: Google Webmaster Tools

There's more to hair salon web design than creating a pretty site.While it is true that you want your site to be appealing, you also need it to be seen. One of the most useful clues for making that happen is buried inside Google Webmaster Tools.Anyone who does any sort of web design for hair salons, know that form and function go hand in hand. The site has to be designed for human visitors and for bots as well.

Building Search Into Web Design for Hair Salons | Podcast Transcript

How are you doing, folks? As you can tell, this episode sounds a little bit different. I was listening to the last couple of episodes, and it was a bit rough. Well, I couldn't, in good conscience, keep going because it assaults my ears.If it does mine, that means it's doing the same for you. So I'm back on the old machine. I'm going to see if I can't avoid some bad habits, like rerecording and rerecording and rerecording to make it sound nice. At least not editing the crap out of this stuff. This is basically it.So hopefully I can get it done quickly. Although, this is the second time I've gone through it because I forgot the pop filter. So I has explosives or plosives all over the place.  It was just terrible. So I'm going to try this one more time again, get it knocked out and move on.Meetup Las Vegas I got a really cool web design tip for you this week.  You know this podcast is nothing more than me talking about the web design stuff I do here in Sin City.This week, I went to an SEO meet-up which sounds like it would have nothing to do with design. Well we talked about all kinds of things at the meet up. Design included.It only makes sense to go to SEO meet ups. Not only do I create websites for hair stylists, I bake SEO into their sites to help get them the attention they need on the web.  Besides, it's always nice to increase your knowledge base. You should always be learning.The SEO meet-up here in Sin City, is run by Kenny Ellison who runs Neon Brand. Great, great meet-up, excellent guy, great company.If you need hardcore SEO services and you don't know where to start, go check out NeonBrand.com. I guarantee you'll like it.All right. Now, we talked about a lot of things at that meet-up. We were 35 strong. Very strong meetup group with various different skill sets. Some folks were actual SEOs. Other folks were just people like yourself who are just getting on the web and want to be in front of the correct set of eyeballs.

Web Design for Hair Salons | Targeting Your Pages

Google Webmaster Tools LogoThe big web design take away in this episode is a thing called Google Webmaster Tools (GWT). We've talked about Google Analytics before, which you should already be knee-deep in. But Webmaster Tools? Oh, my goodness.Now, I knew it was useful before, but this week my eyes were opened to something that I did not know about. I've played with Google's Webmaster Tools before, but not the way I know about it now. It's so important that I've got to bring it to you. Because you and me, we're nice like that. I'm not going to hold anything back from you.Inside Webmaster Tools is a section called Search Traffic, and a tab called Search Queries. This tab is so ridiculously helpful. I can't believe that it's not mandatory required knowledge to just get in here and play with this thing.This one tab, will tell you:
  • What the search engines thinks your website is about and
  • How relevant they think you are to the people doing search on the web.
One tab does all that.All of a sudden, you can know exactly how the search engines view what you've put on the internet.Inside this tab, there are five columns. Query, Impressions, Clicks, Click-through rate and Average position. We're going to use IHelpSalons.com as my example.During the month of July, if I Help Salons was anywhere in the search results at least one time, whether on page one or page whatever, it shows up under query.I Help Salons showed up 209 different times. That's 209 different queries. It showed up a whole lot more than 209 times. My total, according to this, the total number of times it showed up was 5385, give or take. But the bottom line is, there's a lot of people who I showed up in front of.This is what I mean when I say "it showed up in the queries." Even if it showed up one time, in my case, 369 times for the phrase "web design for hair salons", it's also there.Here's the cool part. When you look at which term it shows up the most for, that kind of tells you what the search engines think your term is most about. I Help Salons appears to be mostly relevant for the  term "web design for hair salons". Go figure: web design for hair salons.Okay. Cool. I can work with that. I understand that Big G has a really good idea of what my site is about. My next question is: Well, how relevant does Mr. 800 pound search gorilla think I am?Let's use web design for hair salons to answer that question.My average position was 20th, which means I'm at the bottom of page two.  It may as well not even be there because very few people look at page 2. I have some work to do if I want to get the attention all these people who are typing in "web design for hair salons".What does that mean to you? Well, let me put you in this scenario.You're a natural stylist in Bayonne, New Jersey.  Let's say you're rocking a two chair setup. You want to found on the web for "natural hair salon, Bayonne, New Jersey."If you're registered with Webmaster Tools and you don't appear for "natural hair salon, Bayonne, New Jersey," that means that Big G doesn't understand you the way you want them to.Let's take that one step further. Let's say you did show up for one of those target queries. Youour average position is on page six, seven, or eight. That means that you're in the right box, you're just not the most relevant thing in the box.

Before you can compete, you need to understand which race you're in.

GWT can help you understand which race Google thinks you're in. In my case, I'm going to work to get to the first page for the phrase "web design for hair salons." That's a lot of eyeballs.I want to get their attention because chances are there's a bunch of independent stylists in there. So I want to make sure I get in front of them.You can do the same thing for whatever service you provide. If you do extensions, if you're a hair colorist, if you're a nail person, esthetician, or whatever you do. It also works when you're trying to be found for a product brand.. Check to see whether or not your website shows up for that term, for that query. If not, see what it does show up for. You'd be surprised. There might be some good stuff in there that you don't even realize that you positioned yourself for.The bottom line is there's a hunk of information here that you need to avail yourself to that's freely accessible.

How to get started with GWT

Now, there's two things I want to throw at you. One, this requires you to play with dark greasy shapes, as I like to say here on the podcast. Just on the outside chance that you don't know any local geeks, and you don't want to call me because you're still shy like that, just go over to ihelpsalons.com/087.http://youtu.be/NoZ9SBaKkaUI'm going to do a little tutorial, no words, maybe a few words or whatever. I'm just going to walk you through how to register your site. There are several different techniques. I'm going to show you the preferred method. You don't have to follow it, it's up to you.Then once you do that, you're now availed to this really big piece of information that you can do or that you need to make your website as relevant as you need to be or it needs to be, for the people that you need to be relevant for. Take advantage of it or don't. It's up to you. Just remember what I said about that competition thing.The second thing I want to hit you with is for those of you that are askin, "So how am I supposed to make my site more relevant?" Well, last couple of weeks, we've been talking about content curation.Before you say, "Dude, get up off the content curation. I'm not making no content," just in case you're in that camp, one, you're in idiot because if you're going to have a website and you're going to compete, you're going to have to create something. You have to do something.You can't necessarily just buy your way to the front page. That's wasted money because most likely, the competition for where you're trying to get isn't that fierce.For $7.50 you can go to iWriter.com, take the query that you want to be found for, and tell them, "Write me an article around this keyword."When they give you that article, like I said, $7.50, $10 maybe, depends on how many articles you get done. Then hang it on your website. Then just don't do anything else and see what happens. I guarantee all of a sudden your site will become a little bit more relevant. Do that about once a month. Do it twice a month.Do that for a few months. See if Google doesn't start looking at your website just a little bit differently.Don't got time for content creation. Yes, you do. Yes, you do. Either do it yourself or hire somebody. Just be smart about it.So that's the nugget I've got for you. Webmaster Tools, search queries.Find out what Google understands about your website and then do something about it.If you're putting your website together, and you run into a roadblock. You got a guy. 702-582-6708. Give me a call. You're going to go straight to voicemail but leave me a message. Let me know what your struggles are. I'll help you get where you need to be.If you're a keyboard type person, sherpa@ihelpsalons.com. Same result. Tell me what your issues are. I'll get you where you need to be.There's a bunch of other stuff that you can do in Google Webmaster Tools, even in search queries. Now that you know it exists. Time to get in there and start playing around.Links mentioned in this episode: http://www.iwriter.com/ https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/home http://neonbrand.com/


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