One More Reason You Need a Blog

Whenever I’m chatting with my stylistics about building websites, part of the conversation always includes which pages they should use and which pages they shouldn’t.  I love this topic because it bumps up against one of the two things I love ranting about.

Mobile readiness and blogging.

If I’m the one building the website, mobile friendliness is pretty much taken care of so there’s no need to discuss that. This leaves, the blogging thing.

I hate using the word blog when I’m talking to you stylistics because I tend to get a lot of negative reaction to that word.  I can understand that. Blogging sounds painful and most stylistics don’t know how to create blog content the easy way.

Be that as it may, blogging is a really useful thing and a recent post from the Moz blog illustrates yet another possible reason.


10 Illustrations of How Fresh Content May Influence Google Rankings (Updated)

5. New page creation

Instead of revising individual pages, fresh websites often add completely new pages over time. (This is the case with most blogs.) Websites that add new pages at a higher rate may earn a higher freshness score than sites that add content less frequently.

from the Moz Blog


Using a blog is just smart marketing. It allows you to tailor part of your website for visitors looking for something specific.

Think about people who stumble upon your site looking for hair coloring information. Do they really want to sift through information about keratin treatments and hair extensions to get to it? Probably not.

Now consider what happens when you regularly add articles (blog posts) to your site that talk specifically about hair coloring?

  1. You get hair coloring visitors to stay on your site longer so you can begin converting them into customers.
  2. You get hair coloring visitors to return to your site more often.
  3. Google sees your site as being really helpful and shows your site to more people.
  4. Google begins to check your site for new content more often.

We know that Google is constantly adjusting how it looks at websites. It needs to know which websites best answer the questions people type into the search box.

According to the Moz article, the fact that you’re actually adding new content changes how Google looks at your site. For stylistics, that’s exciting news.

Every day you compete for attention online. Luckily you’re only competing with the salons and stylists in your local area. Since most of them have a set it and forget it websites, an active blog give you a much better opportunity to separate yourself from the crowd.


Here’s a Simple Content Strategy You Can Start Using Today

· Subscribe to the online version of a few of your favorite industry magazines.

· Once a week, take about 30 minutes to go through their latest articles.

· Find a couple that relate to a service you provide or a product you sell.

· Go to and order a 450-600 word article based on the article(s) you picked out.

  1. Give them the link to article
  2. Give them the keyword you are targeting (your service or product)
  3. Give them guidance on how you want to treat the article.
  4. Give them any specific notes or details you want included or left out.

· When they deliver your article, check it for correctness, then post it to your website.
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· Next week, do it again.


This simple process is perfect for busy stylists and salon owners who don’t have much time but aren’t ready to outsource their marketing.

It gives Google what it wants and provides website visitors with what they need. Most importantly, it continuously develops your website into a powerful online marketing tool.

If you have any questions about this strategy or you have a diferent system that you use, leave a comment below and tellme about it.

Or you can contact me in the usual ways:  (702) 582-6708 ·


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