Booth Renter Text Message Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

Sometimes it’s not what you do, but where, when and how. Text message marketing is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your clients.

Most commercial texting plans charge you to set up a keyword and then for a set number of text messages to be sent during a set billing period.

For stylists just getting behind the chair for the first time, this small fee may be a problem. Luckily thanks to Twitter there’s a solution for that.

Introducing Twitter Fast Follow

Back in 2010 Twitter added a few new features to make Twitter even more useful with SMS. One of those features was Fast Follow.

With Fast Follow, anyone in the US can receive Tweets on their phone even if they haven’t signed up for Twitter. This is a simple way for people to get information they care about in real-time.

The best thing about this system is that’s when you set it up correctly, you have an instant text message marketing system for your studio salon.

How To Set It Up Your text Message Marketing System

Step 1. Create a new Twitter account
Create a new account and pick a Twitter name that includes the word “deal”, “coupon” or “offers” or something like that.
(The idea is to make the name easy to remember.)

For instance, let’s say your business is called “Ebonee’s Hair Braiding”, your Twitter name could be EboneesDeals.

Step 2. Advertise your text message service.

Just as you would with any text message marketing platform, let your customers know you have this service available. Postcards, placards on your mirror, or write it on receipts.
Your call-to-action can be something like:
Text “Follow EboneeDeals” to 40404 for VIP specials, offers and discounts.

Then each time you tweet a deal under your new EboneeDeals Twitter account, your customers will receive it via a text message.

Give it a try! Text “Follow InternetSherpa” to 40404.

Go ahead! I won’t bite.

You’ll receive a text letting yo know that you’re now following my tweets. You’ll not only receive future tweets, they you’ll also receive the LAST TWEET that was previously sent. (The best thing about following my tweets is that you’ll know instantly when I post new protected content.)

Of course you want to be careful not to blow up the Twitter thing, or you’ll probably end up with a lot of unsubscribes.


PS: For those who need to know more, here’s Twitter’s take on the service:

P.S.S: Twitter has a pretty developed set of command shaving to do with SMS. To discover all that you can do click here.

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