If You’re Special, Then Say You’re Special

In a crowded field you’ve got to stand out. Excellence with the scissors isn’t enough to get noticed. You’ve got to build your brand. Your first step is to realize that you’ve got a story. The second step is to tell it.

As I’ve said many times in this space, I am not a stylist. But some things are pretty obvious whether you stand behind the chair or not. In the cosmetology industry, you’ve got to find a way to stand apart from the crowd.

In my recent travels around sin city, I’ve been doing my best to spread the word that stylists, estheticians and nail techs have to take charge of their own marketing.

There are plenty of tools for that, but the one that gives you the most bang for the buck is your own website. A WordPress website puts the power of branding within reach. Even a new cosmetology student can start building his or her brand.

Priscilla Collins, of Avanti Salon in Boston, is taking charge of her marketing in a very competitive market. Her example is one that I think most practitioners could learn from. Unfortunately many commission based practitioners think of themselves as employees. That’s unfortunate for them, but it’s a pretty big opportunity for you if you’ve got your mental furniture arranged correctly.

You’ve got a story to tell. Every day you build on it, or not. You either actively develop your story into a solid bankable brand or you just cut hair. While you ponder that, ponder this. Rome wasn’t built in a day and Tabitha wasn’t always Tabitha. The choice, as always, is yours.

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