How to Setup Salon Facebook Pages

Salon Facebook Pages for Non-Geeks

I got the idea to put this episode together from my mention in the last episode of how most of the online guides on how to do things seem to be written by geeks for geeks. I thought that I'd use my little corner of the net to break that trend. At least as far as my audience is concerned.

So this episode on salon Facebook pages is the first of many on how to get your online game on. I'm pulling back the curtain because knowledge power, and I'm pretty sure that I can't go wrong if I'm doing right by you. Start by listening to the podcast, then watch the video, then send me some feedback. I've got a thick skin. I can take it.

I'm sure the video still has some "geekified" moments where I gloss over a detail or two that should have been explained.

Salon Facebook Pages. A little homework.

Well, my dear Salon Owners, time to give back a little. Consider this your homework. Let me know what I need to fix in the video. Keep me from operating in a vacuum and I'll keep creating the cool, helpful content that you want me to create. Sounds like a fair deal to me.