Creating a Sample 2-Week Content Calendar

A Couple of Assumptions to Get Started

I'm writing this article assuming that at least one of the next two statements is true.

Either you suck at consistently coming up with stuff to post on social media, or you suck at consistently getting in there and posting the stuff you do have.

Whichever is true, the purpose of this article is get you off the schneid and get your content posting groove back.

Just like every other internet marketing topic, there are a ton of articles already covering this topic online. One of the better ones is by the folks at the Social Media Examiner. They eat, drink and sleep social media stuff so if you want the latest and greatest, you can't go wrong starting there. Here's a link to their article.

Keeping It Simple. Two Rules.

We're going to tackle this topic a little differently because you're a booth renter and you do things a little differently. You wear all the hats and do all the work. You don't have time for a complicated, multi-layered marketing plan.

You need simple and doable.  So let's set a couple of ground rules before we get started.

Rule 1: This is business marketing, not art class.
You're doing this for one reason: to put cheeks in the seats. If you need to exercise your artistic side, I suggest you wait until you've got someone sitting in the chair. Then you can be as artistic as you want to be.

Rule 2: There are only two types of content. You Stuff, and Everything Else.
Don't overcomplicate this. You Stuff is anything you post that tells your story. That's the important stuff.  Everything Else is just there to hold their attention until you post more You Stuff.

The Importance of "You Stuff."

The purpose of booth renter marketing is to separate yourself from the crowd. It's to take your target customer on a journey. At the beginning of the journey they see you as a total stranger. At the end of the journey, you're someone they feel that they know, like and trust.

That trust comes with a price tag. You have to give a little. Your audience needs to know who you are, where you've been and what you stand for. They need to know you.

You Stuff is informational content that gets them there. And if the idea of putting too much of yourself out there seems to much to ask, take a second and consider this.

You're a booth renter in the cosmetology industry.

You have a very specific marketing challenge that most other professions don't have. A large part of your success depends on how comfortable complete strangers are with the idea of you being well inside their personal space.

So as you're deciding your marketing comfort level, just keep in mind that your comfort level probably isn't the one you should be focused on.

Topics to Post.

Content comes in many different forms and from many different sources.  Some content you create, others you share or curate. You'll post videos to YouTube, images to Instagram and articles to your website just to name a few.

Some content is short two to three sentence notes while others can be long form content like this article. 

Each of these pieces of content has a place in your content strategy. However, regardless of the form your content takes, remember this is content with a purpose. Even if it's purely informational, it still needs to be something that your audience is interested in.

Below I've have listed a sample table of topics divided into the two types of content we've mentioned in this article.  It's not an exhaustive list, but it is a good starting point.

You Stuff (Informational)

  • Product promotion
  • Services Promotion
  • Client Highlight
  • You Highlight
  • Salon Highlight

Everything Else (Interesting)

  • Community Highlight
  • Industry Highlight
  • Motivational Quotes
  • Trivia Notes
  • Engagement
  • Inspirational (Quote/Article)
  • Humorous
  • Pop Culture

Scheduling and Recycling.

There are a lot of ideas on when to post content. Most of it is way too complicated. Let's add a little practicality to the conversation. Post consistently and recycle evergreen content.

YouTube and Your Website

Part of the journey you're taking prospects on involves getting them to appreciate your skills.

Blog articles and YouTube videos are your best tools for this.

My target when working with clients is to crank out at least one of each per month as two per month tends to be a challenge.

Post an article to your blog at the beginning of the month and a video to your YouTube channel at mid-month.

Over the next two weeks share this content on your social media platforms several times to maximize visibility.

Not So Social Media

When you're posting to social media, it's very easy to get caught up in the social stuff and forget that you're performing a specific business function.

To stay focused, first set up a series of posts you want to publish over a two week period.

Then schedule those posts to populate using the platform's native scheduling feature.

Using the topics above I prefer to populate one post in the morning and in the afternoon, Monday through Friday. 

See the chart below for a sample two week calendar. 


Sample 2 - Week Calendar

Week 1

 MondayMotivation Monday Smile Image 
 Tuesday Product Promotion PostSmile Image 
 Wednesday Salon Highlight PostService Promotion Post 
 Thursday Industry related PostClient Highlight Post 
 Friday Engagement PostSmile Image

Week 2

Monday Blog Article ShareCurrent Promotion  
Tuesday  Trivia Tuesday PostEngagement Post 
Wednesday  Inspirational QuoteCommunity Highlight Post 
Thursday Smile Image Product Promotion Post 
Friday Pop Culture PostFinally Friday Post 

Recycling Evergreen Content

Evergreen content is anything that isn't date sensitive and can be reused. I wrote an article in August 2014 about using to get content written for your website.

It's still good advice so once a year I reshare it on social media for people who weren't with me back then. The same principle holds for videos you've published as well as social media content.

Facebook readily admits that organic content doesn't reach nearly as many people as it once did.

Reposting client highlights, or product and service promotions helps you reach more members of your target audience without placing an ad spend.

Once you have an idea of what you're going to post and why you're posting it, the rest of the process consists of simply deciding what type of content you're going to post on which day.

A Final Note: Automation.

Post Planner: Social Media Engagement App

Having a content calendar is a good first step for staying in contact with your audience. Actually following your content calendar is an even better second step.

Most marketing plans that fail, do so, not because of a poor plan. They fail because people simply stop following them.  Even the greatest plan will fail with terrible execution.

Earlier, I mentioned using the native scheduling apps provided by the different platforms. I've always found them to be a bit clunky and cumbersome to use.

There are several very good 3rd-party apps available to help with scheduling and posting tasks. is probably the most known platform. It boasts a very robust feature set and it's the goto app for many social media marketers.

I have always found Hootsuite to be too much of a good thing. Despite the reviews and accolades, I was never able to get comfortable using it.

My posting app of choice is Post I found the learning curve to be much less steep and the interface much more friendly.  

The content discovery tool is by far my favorite feature.  It has proven to be invaluable in helping me find relevant content for clients in different industries.

I can't guarantee that you'll find it as intuitive as I did.  I can guarantee you will be glad you put it on your short list as when you begin searching for 3rd-party scheduling apps.

If you have any questions or need clarification on anything I've included in this article, reach out to me at or leave me a message on my voicemail at (702) 582-6708.  I look forward to hearing from you.


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