Salon Text Message Marketing May Not Be Right For Booth Renters

Studio Salon Text Message Marketing

salon text message marketingSalon text message marketing is powerful and you “probably” should be using it. As a means of delivering a marketing message very few mediums have it’s advantages.

  • Your phone is almost always with you
  • Text messages are very hard to resist
  • Text message marketing is economical
  • Text messages are easy to send

Despite all that, text message marketing may not be a good fit for your studio salon.

Solo-preneurs constantly need to spread the word about their products or services.  They also need to get bang for the buck.

Nothing beats the internet for getting the word out without breaking the bank.

But when it comes to text message marketing, there’s a balancing act. Booth renters need to figure out how much they can do themselves and how much should be outsourced.

Salon Text Message Marketing Challenges

There’s a method to the madness with text message marketing. To do it effectively you need to see it for what it is. A relationship.  Like any relationship, it takes work.

In his 2009 NY article “A Small Business Guide to Text-Message Marketing”,  Mark Cohen noted:

“SMS is really more about long-term relationship building than the quick hit,” Mr. Lee said. [It’s] as much an extension of a client’s customer relationship management system as its marketing strategy. “You learn so much about your business when you look at it systematically instead of anecdotally,” Mr. Alpert said, “and text messaging provides a really powerful way to connect that information to your clients.”

It’s this systematic concept that booth renters may have difficulty with. When you see a salon that’s using text message marketing effectively, chances are there’s an engagement plan in place. It’s either run by a member of staff or an outside agency.

Chair renters, studio salons and both renters usually don’t have the flexibility to hire out this type of service. Which means that it’s up to them to make it work.

In this episode we discuss these and a few more considerations that will help you decide whether salon text message marketing is the best fit for your business.

Links mentioned in this episode: – SMS Marketing for Spas & Salons

Episode 58: Salon Text Message Marketing

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