Salon Social Media. Who Needs It?

Salon Social Media. Who needs it? You do, if you want to remain relevant. Cutting and coloring aren't the only skills you need. Here's why.

Salon Social Media. It Ain't Just Facebook

In this episode we take a few steps back to get a good grasp as to why there's a such thing as salon social media marketing and whether you need it or not. Salon social media encompasses much more than just Facebook, although it's the 800 pound gorilla that gets most of the attention.

If you choose to use them your blog, YouTube, Pinterest and a host of other social media platforms can play a part in your salon's social media presence.

Salon Social Media Is Evolving

In the podcast I paint a picture of a time, not too far in the future, where what we call social media will simply be called everyday communication. We've moved from the days of only three networks, through the golden age of television and into the internet age.

Salon social media is simply evolving into a method of providing value to your salon's customers; Information that they want and can use.

Your Customers Expect Salon Social Media

Since today's social media campaigns are so tied to pushing out content, a critical factor that can easily be overlooked is that your customers are getting more and more demanding in terms of where they place their attention. Social media is still very much in its infancey.

As it matures and becomes ingrained in our every day lives, your customers will have expectations of your salon social media marketing that they don't have today. They will expect you to provide information that today is considered forward thinking.

Listen to the podcast to hear where I think salon social media is heading.

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