Salon SEO for Non-Geeks

Salon SEOOkay, I can hear what you’re probably saying. What the heck is Salon SEO? Just when you thought it was cool just to be able to put up your own website, you hear that getting your site up and running is just the beginning.

While it’s true that getting your website online is just the beginning, don’t get too worked up.  What follows is the good stuff!

Let’s start this conversation by looking at things the way your future customers will.  They have no idea your salon exists or that you and your staff do excellent work.  

All they know is that they’re looking for a new chair to sit in. Like most people, they’re going to turn to Google, Bing or Yahoo to help them discover what’s out there.  This is where the magic happens.

Salon Search Engine Optimization is all those things you do to get your website on the first page so it’s waiting for searchers when they fire up the Google machine.

The front page of Google is prime real estate and it’s somewhat of a battleground.  You’ve got to grab your piece of that terrain.  If you’re just happy with having a website online, you’ll end up parked somewhere after page 11. 

 Salon SEO – Invite The Guests

We try to keep things as non-techy as we can so we’ve come up with a simple mantra for each step of your internet marketing plan.

  • Invite the guests.
  • Set the table.
  • Serve the meal.

Salon SEO is all about that first bullet and how it applies to your website.  Your website is a tool for growing your salon, but it can’t help you do that unless someone sees it. To be more specific, it can’t help you with that unless someone who’s looking for a salon in your local area sees it.  If they can’t walk through the door and sit down, what good are they to you? Not much.

Google, the 800 Pound Gorilla

Salon SEOThe main focus for all of your Salon SEO work will be to influence who Google shows your website to.  There are other search engines to be sure, but Google is the big dog.  According to a recent comScore report Google owns about 67% of searches start at Google. 

Translation?  Salon SEO begins and ends with Google.

There are many different approaches to Salon SEO.  All of these different approaches have one goal.  To influence where the Google algorithm ranks your website.

There is actually an entire industry devoted to nothing but Search Engine Optimization. Some of them use “white hat techniques” and operate within Google’s guidelines.  Others are of the “black hat variety” and try their best to game the system to get an advantage.

Google is not particularly fond of black hat techniques because they mess with Google’s cash flow.  

When you type something into the Google search box, you want information that you can use.  When you find it, you’re happy. If you don’t then Google has a problem.  

Google makes money by monetizing your attention.  If they loose you’re attention, their business model goes down the drain.  So Google wants to present relevant results that you keep coming back to their search engine instead of off to Bing, Yahoo or Facebook. 

Content Creation is Good Salon SEO

I Help Salons has a simple common sense approach to Salon SEO.  Just give Google what it wants.  You’re running a salon. You don’t have time to engage in online slight of hand to try to trick Google.  More importantly, you’ve only got one website.  If it falls out of favor with Google, you’ll be buried on page 15 and no one will ever see your website.

Google wants to present the most relevant information to its searchers.  So your job is actually pretty simple.

Create that relevant content and put it online.  Most salon owners think that they’re too busy to do that.  They’d prefer to hire someone to create a website with gorgeous graphics, beautiful music and awesome slide shows.  Believe it or not, for you, that’s a good thing.

You’re competing against the salons in your local area for that prime page one real estate.  Your fundamental goal is to continuously develop your website so that Google views it as the most relevant salon website in your area.

It’s a long term strategy that will take care of your salon long into the future.  I Help Salons has one goal. To make the internet easy for salon owners.


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