How To Pump Up Your Salon’s Marketing Call To Action

Your salon’s marketing call to action is the key to your website’s success. A well crafted call to action grabs your website visitors by the eyeballs and all but forces them to perform whatever conversion action you’ve laid before them.

Serve The Meal With Your Marketing Call To Action

After you’ve set the table with a well put together quality website, your marketing call to action can “serve the meal” by prompting an action from your website visitors.

The purpose of your salon website is to grab and hold visitors and get them to begin the process of getting the four permissions. Permission to email, permission to send text messages, pemission to call on the telephone and permission to send marketing in the mail. A quality marketing call to action is your first step to marketing success.

Don’t Show Me The Money. Call To Action Alternatives

Traditional salon websites that feature any sort of call to action normally rely on percentage off coupons. While this method has withstood the test of time, it has a built in fault.

Your most effective marketing call to action will be the result of testing different offers, different wording of offers, different positioning of offers on the page, etc. Monetary calls to action are limited in how much you can vary one from another. In addition, monetary calls to action may end up in a race to the bottom, where you are practically giving services away without finding out if there are other calls to action that would be even more effective.

The Best Marketing Call To Action Pushes Emotional Buttons

By and large, a visit to the salon satisfies an emotional need. Finding and pushing the most effective emotional hot buttons will yield greatly improved results from your website.

Owning and controlling our website gives you the ability to begin thinking like an internet marketer instead of as a salon owner, when you view the online space.

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