Salon Iris Software Reviews

In this episode we begin with one of our Salon Iris software reviews. I have a candid conversation with Monica Crowl of Studio One Salon in Chico California. Monica reached out to me after a previous episode where I incorrectly listed some Salon Iris benefits.

She’s used Salon Iris salon software for more than ten years. We talk about the desktop software, the upgrade cycle, and her overall opinion of the entire Salon Iris software package.

Her insights into which package she chose, why she chose it and her experiences with it should prove to be very valuable to current stylists who are looking for a software solution to help them manage their business.

In this episode we also begin our Wish I Knew segment with an interview of Tonya Ayers from Hair By Tonya. In Tonya’s return visit to the podcast we discuss her thoughts on continuing education, the best place for a creative stylist to begin and a caution for stylists as they move from assisting to their own studio or booth.

A stylist for more than 18 years, her thoughts on what new stylists should know when graduating from cosmetology school make a great start to this segment.

Salon Iris Software Reviews – Setting The Table

Before we dive into our Salon Iris software reviews or sage advice for newbies, I spend a few minutes setting the table and weighing in on my changing views on  A fervent advocate of self hosted WordPress sites, I have recently come to realize the value of for new cosmetologists.

No other free platform is a better fit for the online needs of brand new cosmetologists. Using this platform, cosmetologists can begin building their online portfolio before leaving cosmetology school and get a head start on brand management.

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Monica Crowl Extended Salon Iris Software Review

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