Salon Iris Interview with Brian Hehir

In this episode we discuses Salon Iris with Brian Hehir from DaySmart Software. I also spend time discussing the problem with half finished websites.

When I’m not putting this podcast together, I run eMicrobranding Web Hosting. Turns out that’s pretty good way to come up with topics to discuss each week. This week, I discuss something I noticed when doing a little local offline prospecting.

Several of the stylists that I came across this week had websites listed on their business cards. Yet, when I visited those sites to see what they looked like. I was surprised to find sites that were half finished or worse yet had been in existence and were allowed to lapse.

That is not a good look for your brand. Once you put up a piece of online real estate, there’s no looking back. A poorly created or half finished website sits online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And thanks to the folks at Google, that ugly website has a very good chance of getting in front of your potential customers. And that website will continue to drive those potential customers to your competition until you fix it.

When professional developers craft websites, they tend to keep them offline until they are done for this very reason. In all probability you do not have the ability to craft your website offline. The next best thing is to discourage the search engines from indexing your site while it’s in the construction phase. You can do this by checking a box in the reading section of your WordPress dashboard. Watch the below video for a visual walkthrough of that process.

Note that you are only discouraging the search engines from indexing your site. It’s a request. It’s up to the search engines to abide by the request. If they don’t index your site then the only way a customer will find your site is by pure dumb luck, randomly typing in characters or by you telling them to take a look. It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s all you’ve got if you must develop your site online.

My advice is pretty simple get it done, or get a friend. You can contact me through or you can touch base with your local WordPress expert. And in the off chance that you’re using a platform other than WordPress, contact customer support to get you over the hump.

A word on Salon Iris

In episode 55 I had a conversation with Monica from Studio-One Salon in Chico, CA. If you were around for that episode, you may remember that Monica spent some quality time patching a few holes that were in my understanding of Salon Iris software. At the time she was parting company with them after using their software for more than ten years. We spent the episode going over the things she liked as well as the things she had issues with.

In this episode, Brian Hehir from DaySmart came on to even up the conversation by supplying the reasoning behind what turned out to be the straw that bore the camel’s back and pushed Monica to a different platform. We had a lively conversation and I learned a few things.

Those, of course, are my favorite types of episodes.

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