Salon Email Marketing – The Big Picture


If you’re a salon owner with a website, then you should be using it to execute some sort of salon email marketing plan. That is, of course, unless online business card is what you were shooting for.

Salon Email Marketing – Building Relationships

salon email marketingSomeone once told me that perception is reality. Whether you believe it or not, there’s some truth there.

What your future customers think about your salon matters … a lot. Doesn’t matter if what they think is fact or fiction. What matters is that they believe it.

Good salon email marketing is priceless. It gives you the power to influence what people believe about your salon, long before they ever walk through your doors.

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, …” – Mahatma Gandhi

Episode Timeline:
Show Intro
00:00 – Got a little brisket for you to gnaw on in this episode. We’re going to talk a little bit about salon email marketing.  We really haven’t touched on this subject very much to this point, so it’s time.  We’ve spent enough time talking about:

  1. How to get your website up and running
  2. And how to get people to come and look at your website

Now it’s time to turn our attention towards changing the casual website visitor into a customer that walks through door. Salon email marketing is the tool we’ll use to do that.

Mail Call
01:41 –
Before I start digging into this salon email marketing thing, I wanted to tell you about a conversation I had with a prospective customer.

We were talking about some of the features that came with the eMicrobranding Website Installation service when I mentioned that I setup as many as five email accounts for my clients. To this she replied that she already had a Yahoo email account and didn’t see why she would need any set up.

Aside from needing it for salon email marketing, in the online world your email address affects how you are perceived. It sets the conditions for whether people who don’t know you think you’re an amateur or a professional. It’s a key piece of branding for your salon and managing your branding is a serious thing.

Setting up an email address that matches your domain is essential. Fortunately, there’s no need to stop using the email address you currently use. When your new email account is set up, just have it forward your email to your old email address. Simple solution. Branding intact.

The Main Event
07:14 – Invite the guests. Set the table. Serve the meal: 
This is the heart of our online strategy. It’s also the foundation of most of the techniques that professional online marketers use. In order to make money using the internet, you’ll need to put those three thoughts in motion.

When visitors come to your site, it’s crucial that you have a powerful call to action in place. If you miss this step, you’ll lose the ability to develop a relationship with your visitors as soon as they wander away from your site.

Even a site filled site with compelling content will miss a ton of opportunities if you rely on your visitors to come back to your site on their own. That’s simply not going to happen. Your site simply isn’t that important to them yet.

That’s where salon email marketing comes in. Instead of relying on your visitors to remember to return to your site salon email marketing allows you to take your marketing message to your visitors even if they never come back to your site.

Salon Email Marketing – The Money Is In The List

13:07: Internet marketers live by this phrase and it’s at the center of everything you’ll do with your salon email marketing campaigns. However, your success will depend on the size of your list and whether your list responds when you communicate to them.

There’s one thing that affects your list more than all other factors. Does your version of salon email marketing provide value to your list. The people on your list aren’t stupid. They’ll pick up very quickly what your intentions are towards them and they will respond accordingly.

15:40 – Broadcasts and Autoresponders. After your calls to action have successfully collected email addresses and the permission to use them, you’ll need to figure out how you’re going to do that.

Platforms like Aweber and Mailchimp provide two ways to send emails to your list. You’ll use both of these with all of your salon email marketing campaigns.

Broadcasts are emails that you send to your list, or a segment of your list, when you have updates, specials or any other one off piece of information that you need to send. With a responsive list it’s a great tool for filling holes in your booking on a slow week.

Autoresponders are a series of prewritten emails that are set to be sent automatically when someone subscribes to your list. These emails are sent out at intervals you set up ahead of time. These are excellent for relationship building since they let you control the message that you’ll drip feed to new members of your list.

21:47 – The Four Golden Permissions: By remembering to provide solutions, solve problems and push quality content, your salon email marketing creates a perfect stepping stone to your ultimate goal; The permission to contact your clients via email, text message, telephone and snail mail.

With a large responsive list and permission to contact them virtually at will, a full appointment book moves from something that you hope for to being more of something you plan for. And it all begins by building strong relationships through smart salon email marketing.

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