Why I Wouldn’t Use Aweber For A Salon Email List

If you’re wondering if your salon email list is important to your business, here’s something to think about.
A passion for cutting and coloring is enough to get you behind the chair, but it’s not enough to keep you there. You may have the skills, but regardless of what you may have heard, skills don’t pay the bills. The customers sitting in your chair pay the bills. So if you want to stay behind the chair, you need a way to get people to sit in the chair over and over again.

Your Salon Email List Is Your Business

salon email listYour business is not the tools you use. Your business is not the building you work in. Your business is that group of people who repeatedly come back for your services.

Most stylists rely on the habits of their customers to stay in business. That’s not a very reliable foundation for a businesss.

Building your salon email list is the easiest way to get your customers to keep coming through the door regularly.

Without a salon email list you can only hope that people remember to come back to see you, and then when they get around to it. You know they need your services. You also know that they are sometimes a little lazy coming back to get them.
Your list gives you a way to seriously influence the flow of people in and out of your chair.

If Aweber Is So Good, Why Not Use it?

Aweber is one of the most popular email services on the net. Internet marketers rely on it daily to deliver marketing messages to their email lists.

They love its deliverability, and how it lets them to really analyze their results. Internet marketers constantly tweak the look, feel and content of their messages in order to get the highest click thru rates possible from their lists. As list services go, Aweber is one of the most comprehensive ones available.

That makes for a pretty strong argument in favor of using Aweber for your salon email list. There’s only one problem. You’re not an internet marketer. Your expertise is behind the chair, not in front of your computer screen.

And even if you have a high level of computer proficiency, you probably don’t have the time that internet marketers have to fold, spindle and mutilate their lists. List building is their sole concern, whereas your salon email list isn’t your only priority. You also have to stay current on the latest trends and techniques.

Use It Or Lose It

A salon email list is useless to you if you don’t do anything with it. Instead of dollars and sense, it’s just so much potential energy waiting to be realized.

Aweber is a great tool. The question is, will you use it. In my experience, intentions are not nearly as useful as actions.

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