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Can we be candid for a second? If I were to ask you for a list of your favorite salon booth renter email marketing ideas, I'm willing to bet that it would be a pretty short list. Given how powerful email marketing can be for you, that probably needs to change.

So instead of asking a question, let me give you an answer.

If someone asks you about booth renter email marketing, just tell them that your favorite email marketing strategy is to actually do email marketing, not just talk about it.

You may get a few stares and some strange looks, but trust me, that's the right answer.

The transcript that follows is a bit modified, but it covers the part of episode 140 where I explain this email philosophy. I also touch on a question that's pretty important... even if it hasn't occurred to you to ask it yet.

Salon Booth Renter Email Marketing Ideas: Why Should You Listen to Me?

Salon Booth Renter Email Marketing Ideas

Unless I'm reading this wrong, you're probably a booth renter who could use some ideas for marketing yourself and your business.

That's not unusual. The problem is with the sheer volume of different tools, systems and coaches putting marketing information out there...

And, of course, you don't know any of them personally.

If you did you wouldn't be online looking for information. You could just meet down at the local Starbucks, fire up a latte and pick their brains. Nice sounding scenario, but I doubt that option's available for you.

Salon Booth Renter Email Marketing Ideas

So you do what everyone does when they need information. You turn to the internet.

You've got to admit, if you're looking for hair salon promotion ideas, there's a lot out there to sift through. Different systems, different beauty salon promotions, different personalities, and naturally, different motivations.

That last one can be a little prickly. It's pretty hard to tell if the company you're looking at is simply peddling hair salon promotion ideas to make a buck, or if they really and truly want you to be successful in what it is you're trying to do.

Most times you won't find out until after you buy one of their programs and try to make it work. That's usually when you discover the glaring holes or that key pieces of information you need are missing.

A worse scenario is that they give you everything you need, but when you try to use it, the strategy itself is just plain ineffective.

That's an awkward position to be in.

Salon Booth Renter Email Marketing Ideas: Why I May Not Be a Good Fit for You

Salon Booth Renter Email Marketing Ideas

With so different resource available online, how do you figure out who you're going to work with?

That is a pickle. No doubt about it. What I can do here is help you understand my marketing point of view so you can see if it makes sense to you. As for everyone else out there... you're kinda on your own.

I Don't Think It's a Negative, But You Might

There's one pretty significant difference between my background and the background of most other marketers occupying this space. I don't really think it's a negative, but you might.

I've never been a stylist.

Why that may matter to you is because while I'm pretty solid on all things internet marketing, I know jack-diddly about that portion of your beauty salon promotion that happens once they enter the salon.

Hopefully you understand what I'm talking about, but just in case you don't, let me throw this out there.

Effective Booth Renter and Salon Marketing Strategies In Three Phases

PHASE 1: This where you do all of those activities that are designed to create interest in what you do and get people who don't know you to come sit in your chair.
PHASE 2: This happens as soon as a new customer steps through the door of the salon and keeps running until they step back through that door to leave. It's everything you do, whether big or small, to wow them while they're in your chair and make them want to come back and get more of the same.
PHASE 3: This is the portion of your marketing that kicks in once they make it to the parking lot. It's all of the activities you do to get them to come back so you can wow them all over again..

I'm an internet marketer. The internet is my preferred tool for getting clients to your chair and later getting them back to your chair. That's the wheelhouse that I'm swinging in. Making your chair the most wonderful destination in a room full of chairs I leave to you. Hopefully that works for you. If not, at least you know before we get started.

Salon Booth Renter Email Marketing Ideas

Salon Booth Renter Email Marketing Ideas: I Do, You Do, We Do

Depending on who you are, depending on how we bump into each other, when we're talking how to get new clients in a salon we'll work together in one of three ways.


I enjoy putting out the I Help Salons podcast. My favorite aspect of the podcast is that each week I reach people that I'll never meet and pass along marketing information, they may never have known about. Since I may be their only source of marketing info, I don't hold anything back.

I lay out everything that I think booth renters ought to know and do. It's up to you to take action, but at least it's out there for you to consume.

I mentioned earlier that you need to determine when working with someone, whether they're just trying to sell you the latest hair salon promotion ideas or they actually wanting you to do well?

I want you to do well. Listening to the podcast is free. Even if we never meet and I can't help you to do the things I talk about, I can make sure you know what opportunities are out there. That should be a pretty significant indicator of where I'm focused.


Each week on the podcast I give out my email address and my phone number and invite my listeners to call me with any marketing questions they may have. It happens a lot, trust me, I kind of get a kick out of it. It makes me feel like I'm doing a good thing.

When it's not an advice call, then there's something they're wresting with that has a little geek portion to it that they can't quite around.

I don't mind helping with quick geek tasks especially if they're working through someone's system and hit a technical speed bump. As long as you know my number, you know a geek who can get you from where you're at to where you're trying to go. Either I know how to do it or I know someone who knows how to do it.


For these folks, I'm either building the website, maintaining the website, or helping you with some portion of their marketing. This is the typical relationship you think about when you think about this kind of thing.

Unfortunately, there is only one me. So I have a bit of capacity issue. That's partially why it's the smallest portion of what I do. As much as I'd like to, I can't work directly with most of the stylists I come in contact with. For the ones I do take on as clients, it's important that they understand my philosophy and marketing focus.

Salon Booth Renter Email Marketing Ideas: The Philosophy

Salon Booth Renter Email Marketing Ideas

This is where we get around to the whether working with me is a good thing or a bad thing. Everything that I do is based on my observations and what I think is best for my clients. I'm all about that list.

Being focused on that list comes from my really wanting to help people. I know how important it is, even if they don't yet.

Consider all of the hats that an independent contractor has to wear. Where do they get the most bang for the buck, when they're wearing their marketer's hat? From the list.

There are far too many shiny marketing toys out there. If they're not all working together, it's hard to keep track of what any of them are, much less whether they're working for you.

Since the list essentially is your business, where else should you focus your marketing energy? No matter how many times I look at that, or from which angle, there is nothing else as important.

Salon Booth Renter Email Marketing Ideas: Everything Begins and Ends with the List

The I Help Salons philosophy is list-centric. Every conversation revolves around the list.

For instance, when we talk about Instagram, we'll focus on how to use Instagram to promote the list. Same thing with Yelp. It's a useful platform, but our main concern is how can we use it to add names to our list.

If we're talking about Salon Iris, or Vagaro, or StyleSeat or any of the other common hair salon advertising examples, our conversation will always be in the context of "How do these things contribute to building and marketing to the list?"

And when we talk about the list itself, the conversation focuses on what you need to do and what things need to be in place to make the list do what it needs to do.

If that's not what you want to hear, you're in for a little disappointment. If you want me to talk about every shiny thing that's out there, especially shiny things that have no impact whatsoever on the list, then this may not be the place for you.

To most of the stylistics I meet, using their list for marketing is a foreign concept. So I'm on a little bit of a mission. If you want to continuously hear about the most important tool in your marketing toolbox, then you're in the right place.

Take care of the list, the list will take care of you. Nuff said.

Whether I'm the voice you've been looking for or you're looking for something a little different, feel free to tune in to the podcast each week. Internet marketing is actually pretty boring but I'll do my best to keep it light and airy.

Talk to you soon!

Salon Booth Renter Email Marketing Ideas | The Only One That Works


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