4 Easy Ways To Market Your Salon Using QR Codes

QR Codes for Salons. They’re a great salon marketing tool for extending your reach into the mobile space. They’re one of the few marketing methods that can easily bridge the offline gap, and draw your audience into your online engagement plan. But before we get into the how of QR codes for salons, let me take a minute to hop up onto my favorite soap box.

QR Codes for Salons. First Things First.

If you’re considering adding quick response codes to your salon marketing mix, your first step is to determine what it is that you’d like to accomplish with them. What’s your objective? What do you hope will improve as a result of using QR codes to market your salon? Adding QR codes just to add QR codes isn’t much of a plan.

A good marketing plan needs some sort of “quantifiable” to judge whether what you’re doing is actually working. Have a specific goal in mind when you use these cute little squigglies. Otherwise, you’re just throwing mud against the wall to see what sticks. Which, by the way, is never a good strategy.

QR codes for salons make sense when you need to drive traffic to your website or your email list needs more subscribers. They’re also useful if you simply want a fun way to engage your clients while they’re waiting in your salon. It doesn’t matter what strategic reason you have for using QR codes in your salon. Just be sure to have one.

I’ll hop down off my soap box for now, but go to I Help Salons Episode 007 for a little more on what to consider before you jump into the deep end with salon QR code marketing.

QR Codes for Salons. 4 Ideas To Get You Started

I researched quite a few articles online for this piece. Although most weren’t aimed directly at salon owners, what follows are the nuggets that I think would work very nicely in your salon. Remember to consider your individual clientele and what they would respond to.

  1. Storefront Displays – Use your hair studios prime real estate.
  2. Enhanced Products Presentation – Salon hair products that sell themselves.
  3. Build Your List – Invest in the lifetime value of your customers.
  4. Make Appointments Easier – Getting straight to the point.

1. Storefront Displays
Fast Company sees your salon’s front glass as prime real estate for a QR code. It’s a great way to connect with customers who stop by after you’ve left the salon for the day. Makes a lot of sense. But before you dash off to the printer, here’s a question for you to consider.

Why are they standing outside your window in the first place? Chances are they want some information. If your hours are already posted in the window, I can only think of three things they might want to know: Your services, your pricing, or your specials. Your solution to their problem is a QR code that leads to a page on your website that gives them what they’re looking for. I would suggest sending them to your specials page. People tend to be more than mildly curious about deals (daily or otherwise) and you want to go with what’s most likely to get them to scan your QR code.

2. Enhance the Shopping Experience
One of my favorite uses for QR codes is to help market the products you sell in your salon. Companies like Aveda, Redken and Paul Mitchell have YouTube channels filled with videos you can use to promote their products. Link a quick response code to one of their videos and place it on an Avery 2″ x 3-1/2″ tent card. Viola, instant multimedia presentation. When a customer scans the QR code, they’re taken to a video that talks about the product, how to use it and in some cases, complimentary products as well. Always go for the upsell!

Scan the QR code shown here and you’ll see a How-To video for Redken’s Get Groomed Finishing Cream and Work Hard Molding Paste. Sometimes moving product is just a matter of getting the customer to ask the right questions. These videos go a long way towards educating your customers on your product lines. In this example QR codes for salons is like having a product rep that never takes a break.

3. Build Your List
QR codes are also a great way for salons and stylists to create a mailing list of customers. Having an active list is a great way to drive business, especially on slow days.

Use a QR code as a link to a how-to video or a coupon. When they scan the code, before they can see the video or get the coupon they must enter their name and email address. This is a powerful way to build your list by providing viewers with something simple and easy.

While I like the idea, I have one caveat. One of the benefits of QR codes for salons is that they make interacting with your salon very easy with a smart phone. Most QR code actions require a single click or a series of single clicks. The bounce rate with QR codes for salons goes up when you require your visitors to type.

To reduce the bounce rate, make the incentive worthwhile (free mani-pedi or facial). Adding a subscriber to your email list or text message database is an investment in the lifetime value of each customer. Set the offer up so only new subscribers to your list are eligible and you will avoid the “Groupon Effect.”

4. QR Codes for Salons Make Appointments Easier
Rebooking is the best way to bring your valuable salon customers back for future services. But what do you do when your customer doesn’t have time or simply doesn’t want to rebook? If you use an online booking service, QR codes give you another opportunity to schedule a future appointment in that golden 6 week window.

When your customer pays for their current visit, along with their receipt make sure they get a salon business card with a QR code that links to your online booking webpage. Place a caption around it such as “Scan For Your Next Appointment” or “Scan for Return Visit.”

Aside from your primary goal of getting the follow up appointment, this also achieves a secondary goal of making your customers aware of your online booking service. QR codes for salons are even more effective when you use refrigerator magnets instead of paper business cards. These little salesmen will be a constant reminder that making the next salon appointment is as close as a walk to the refrigerator.

QR Codes for Salons. Start With the End In Mind

These ideas should be enough to get your creative juices flowing. There are many more ways you can add QR codes for salons into your current marketing mix. Make sure that the techniques you try match your clientele and you begin with the end in mind. Always know what you are trying to accomplish before you begin.

In our next post we’ll discuss ways to track your effectiveness when using QR Codes for Salons.

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