Online Salon Booking – An Interview with

Online Salon Booking. In this episode you get to listen in on a conversation I had with Stephen Parslow from We talked about online booking services in general and in particular.

Online Salon Booking for Technophobes

You already know that I’ve got a pretty big geek streak in me, but I was curious what was available for you folks who might be interested in offering online salon booking but aren’t that into bits and bytes. Stephen talked about features baked into the salonMonster application and their philosophy of hands on customer service.

Free Online Salon Booking

There are good deals and then there are ridiculous deals. Stephen caught me by surprised with salonMonster’s free for 50 offer. Definitely gives my free Facebook page offer a run for the money. Luckily we’re not in direct competition or I might be worried.

Who’s on WordPress?

Our new feature takes a tour through the heartland. Our featured WordPress installation is from Hair Masters Salon and Spa of Richmond, KY.

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IHS Episode 010 – The Online Salon Booking Episode