Moz Local The Newest Easy Directory Submission Service

You can’t ignore local directory listings if you’re serious about local SEO. If you can’t find the time to submit your company information to the various aggregators and directory sites manually, there are several services that will do it for you automatically. Moz Local is the newest player in this space.

In this episode, we take a quick look at directory submission services in general and Moz Local in particular.  At first glance these services appear  to be the answer to a busy solo-preneur’s dreams.  On closer inspection, a little more research is required. As business decisions go, it may be a good one for you as an independent had stylist, but it may just as easily be a bridge too far.

Answering Your Visitor’s Questions

In Episode 72, I left you with an unanswered question regarding setting up your website.  What goes between set the table and serve the meal?

Visitors to your website behave in predictable ways for the most part.  They come to your website for looking for answers.  If those answers are not there, they will leave and go back to Google and try again on someone else’s site.

In previous episodes we’ve always discussed ensuring that certain elements exist on your site so your visitors will pause and look around. That they will “let go of the mouse.” Missing from our previous conversations is how to prevent them from immediately picking the mouse back up after looking around for a little while.

In this episode we touch on answering your visitors questions, pointing to a solution to their problems or relief from their pain.

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