Using ManyContacts to Serve the Meal

Same question, different day.  Why are you throwing up a website? If you’re like every other business person out there, it has something to do with the cha-ching. If you put your website together correctly, it’ll connect with visitors not matter where they’re at in the buying process.

ManyContacts is an new player to the contact form field that’s worth adding to your mix. There’s a free version that’s branded, as well as a premium version with a few extra features that may or may not trip your trigger.

At the time of this writing the early adopter price is $99.00 annually. When the early adopter period comes to a close, apparently the stander price for the White label version will go up 50 bones to $149. For stylists who want to keep outside branding off of their websites, this may be a price worth paying. In addition to removing the ManyContacts logo from the web bar, the premium version gives you unlimited color choices instead of the eight that come with the free version. ManyContacts wbesite contact form In my opinion, the only real White Label benefits worth shelling out cash for are the unlimited lists and unlimited subscribers.  Not a big deal if you’re a hair stylist and you’re only rocking one website. I’ve a request in to find out how many contacts come with the free model, but unless it’s absolutely minuscule, the free model should be all you need.

It’s a pretty good deal. When I check out the reviews on, I saw one reviewer from Germany mention that he couldn’t recommend the plugin because among other things there was “No integration with mail services like e.g. Mailchimp or Aweber, not even an exportable contact list.

Apparently the coders listened because now ManyContacts integrates with the following e-mail services:

A caveat for newbies before adding this contact form to your website.

This isn’t a plugin.  You’ll need to enter some code from ManyContacts into your website to get the app running on your installation. If you’re a little tech savvy or you have a friend with a geek streak this won’t be much of a road block.  Some themes even provide a space to enter such codes from within your WordPress dashboard. If you’re short on geek friends and don’t like playing with all those dark greasy shapes, shoot me an email and I’ll help you bridge the gap.

Having an opt-in contact form on your website is a must when you’re building an email list to market to. ManyContacts provides a nice solution that integrates seamlessly with almost any theme.

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