Cool Pictures for Your Cool Words

There are a lot of things that were not true in the past, that are very true today. One of those modern truths is "There shall be visuals." I don't know if we can blame this on Facebook and Twitter's scrolling news feeds or on Google's experiments with adding author images to search results.Whatever the reason, the fact of the matter is that your writing needs images if it is going to compete for attention on any platform other than your own website. On your own website, your writing needs visuals just to get people to consume your content once they find it. Whether you fancy yourself a modern day marketing Hemingway or not, two facts dictate that you incorporate images into your creation process.First, the internet is going mobile. In the United States, more searches are done on mobile devices than on desktops and laptops. Any content that is difficult to be consumed will be ignored much more quickly on a mobile device. Which leads directly into the next point. Very few people are willing to work their way through a wall of words. So add some images to spice things up and watch your results of my favorite places to grab images is from Lately, all of my main blog/podcast images come from there. They have a very deep collection of images and they seem to be pretty random, so the odds of seeing the same image you're using show up on some other blog is a lot less than if you get your image from a vendor.The only thing you need to remember to do what you use one of these "free" images is provide proper attribution. The folks at PhotoPin make that pretty easy by providing a copy and past bit of html code for you to use. If you look at the bottom of this page, you'll see an example. You'll probably want to play with the image dimensions a little depending on the platform you're posting to. A low to no cost solution to use, if you don't have a image editor installed on your computer is started may take a little getting used to, but since you're already a creative, enjoy the process and dig credit: Older School vs Old School via photopin (license)


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