Justin Bieber Is Good for Your Website Content

Coming up with website content ideas may seem daunting at times but it doesn’t have to be. Just take your cues from pop culture. In this episode we talk about taking pop culture and adding a bit of content curation to the mix.

Good Website Content Just Needs A Good Starting Point

website content

Okay! So you know that website content is ground zero for your on-page SEO activities. You’ve got to create content. You’ve got to create good content. Content that grabs your website visitors by the brain and gets them to put down the mouse and pull up a chair for a little while.

As important as that is, it’s just a bunch of words until you start doing it. It’s takes a little work to get good at it. When you’re running a salon you may be hard pressed at times to come up with ideas that would make good website content. Luckily there’s a never ending source of ideas that you can always turn to.

Episode Timeline:
00:00 – Show Intro: This episode was a bit of a surprise. We’re not done talking website content, but I never thought I’d be talking about the Bieb in any capacity on this podcast. Could have knocked me over with a feather.

02:42 – Mail Call: I was done talking about SPAM. Closed the door last week. No more talking about the different schemes that slither into my inbox. And I meant it. But a really convincing piece of SPAM wandered across my pervue this week and I bit like a large mouth bass. Luckily my email habits kicked in before I did irreparable harm to my cyber lifestyle. I was impressed enough with the effort to dust off this subject one last time. The sender may be a rapscallion, but I’ve got give credit where credit is due. Due was a true artist.

07:20 – Who’s On WordPress: In our too long overdue return to this segment, we visit Wellington Hair Spa in New York City. Run by Patrick Wellington, this website elbowed its way onto our podcast. We looked at it with out usual metrics for website success.

We also looked at the U-Design theme that the website uses and was very impressed with its flexibility. Based on the images in the theme’s showcase, several different salons could use this exact same theme and you’d never know it.

Invite the guests, Set the table, Serve the meal.
This is an outstanding example of a salon that is not only creating content but creating content prolifically. While I think the site could do a better job of going after the golden permissions, it’s definitely in the fight. The blog on this site has become my new benchmark for website content. If you ask me what right looks like, I’m going to point you at the WellingtonHairSpa blog.

13:23 – Administrative Reminders: Time was at a premium for me this week. I didn’t get a chance to review the offering from Backlinko.com. If you grabbed their link from the show notes in episode 38, pump the brakes when you get to the section on Black Hat and Grey Hat back linking. As the entire document is a lead piece for their SEO company, these may be just be click-bait to get you to trade your email address for the download. However, I won’t be able to confirm or deny until I get my hands on it. Until then, ignore that chapter.

Just a reminder, if you haven’t updated your WordPress installation to WordPress version 3.5.2, shame on you. Somewhere there are a bunch of hackers circling over head. Updating WordPress to the latest version is one of the ways to make sure that when they land, it’s on some other unsuspecting website.

If updating WordPress is one of those tasks on your “round tuit” list you might want to do yourself a favor and check out eMicrobranding Website Management. Good intentions and a hard head, still equals a soft behind.

16:38 – The Main Event: Website Content. That’s your primary grab and hold tool. It’s the primary thing that determines if you’ve got a “quality site.” That’s why I tend to think of a website the same way Grandma thinks of the garden out back. You’ve got to tend it. You can’t just turn up some dirt, chuck out a few seeds and expect anything good to happen.

Before you go into full whine about not being a writer, relax. The good thing about website content is that you don’t need to be a creative genius to come up with good ideas. Usually all you need is a seed idea. Then you can develop it and add your own flavor. Back in episode 32 we talked talked Heidi Cohen and content strategy. Well, since we’re talking website content today, it’s time to reach into the tool kit and dust off a couple of those tools.

Pop culture, especially the pop culture that’s featured in industry magazines is the ideal starting point for website content ideas.

There’s only one difference between you and the folks who write for Essence, Hype Hair or Black Hair and Beauty. You’re being stingy with your thoughts and theirs are out there for public consumption. Doesn’t mean they’re correct about their topic. Doesn’t mean they’re complete in what they’ve said. Doesn’t mean that they covered the topic the way your audience needs the topic covered. All it means is that they’ve found something that someone is interested in. That’s where some of the seeds for your website content come from.

Website content is just you telling a story. The good thing is, because you work in this industry you will always have a story to tell. And in case no one told you, someone out there wants to hear it. So quit procrastinating and create some website content.

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