Your Most Important Web Page. How to Find it and What to Do With it

Some hair stylists have websites and some hair stylists actually use their websites. In this episode we discuss understanding how visitors interact with your website and what you can do to take advantage of it.

Your Most Effective Tool
A website can be one of your most effective marketing tools in a hair stylist’s tool box. Used properly, it will deliver your marketing message to large numbers of the exact people that you want to reach. It can also begin the engagement process that will turn many of these people into future customers.

Like any tool, it will only do what its asked to do.

Shortly after you hit publish and put your website online, the search engines will index it and begin serving its content up to the searchers they think will benefit the most from your content. Some content on your site will inevitably be more popular than others.

The success of your online efforts is very much tied to knowing which content on your site is most popular. This helps you determine what the search engines think your website is about as well as what areas your audience finds most interesting.

Turning On the Scoreboard
In this episode we discuss using Google Analytics to identify your most popular content and three techniques you can use to ensure that your calls to action are visible when visitors find this popular content.

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