How to Waste $200 Every Month with Google Ads

Here's a mental nugget for your to kick around.

Imagine a massage therapist opening up shop one morning, doing three or four hours worth of deep tissue massage, then walking outside and setting fire to all the money she just made them.

Now imagine if she did this each and every month.

When playing with Google ads, there's a very important strategy step that most stylistics miss. This one step can be the difference between having a successful ad run, or lighting fire to your hard earned income like the massage therapist in our little analogy.

In this episode, we touch on the the two things that should always accompany a Google Adwords campaign. Your landing page and Google analytics.

In the first look at this topic, we're taking a 10,000 foot view look to introduce the fundamentals at play.

If you run across anything in this episode that's less than clear, drop me a line at and I will do my best to clear things up for you. Enjoy the episode.