How To Manually Update a WordPress Website

If you're a Baby Boomer, chances are you remember the Windows 3.1 operating system. I remember it fondly. I stuck with it way too long.As the code monkeys of the time began putting out new games and applications for the new platform, my old operating system just couldn't keep up. I had no choice. I had to upgrade. So when Windows 95 came out, I updated immediately. When Windows 98 came out, again, I updated.Since I've been in the website game, I've found that there's a more pressing reason to stay updated. Hackers.WordPress is a very popular platform. It's pretty easy for the average person to use. There are tons of non-geeks WordPress sites populating the web. If you're a hacker, you're loving this.You see, people who don't play online every day tend to have a set it and forget it approach to website maintenance. That makes them prime targets for hackers because sooner or later a vulnerability is going to show up on there websites that can be exploited.
From the Wordfence Blog: Last month we ran a survey that included the following open ended question for people who reported that their site had been compromised:What did the hackers do to your site? We received a total of 873 responses that could be categorized, which we did by hand. The chart below reflects the results. Many of the responses described multiple categories, so the percentages on the chart below deliberately add up to greater than 100%.

What Hackers Do With Compromised WordPress Sites

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