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Back when I started this podcast, I was of the impression that anybody could build a website.

Although that's technically true, there are a couple of forces that tend to get in the way. If you're standing behind the chair, alone and unafraid, you really have to decide where you're going to spend your time.

Working on a website usually isn't the best course of action. I've come to that conclusion because I've talked to many stylistics who have tried to to build their own websites and finally ended up chit chatting with me so I could finish it up for them. This might be the same thing.

What we're talking about is a platform for creating a thing called a 'Video Sales Letter'.

The platform is called 'Easy VSL' and it's up to version three. I showed up on version two and I was blown away. I've got kind of interesting standards for software that happens to be out there. I'm not Bill Gates geeky, however I can work most pieces of software that's put out there for the average person to work.

If I purchase a piece of software or subscribe to a platform and I have a hard time working with it, then I end up calling the developer names and feeling some kind of way about them.

Easy VSL passes that litmus test.

Version two was easy enough that I could get it. When they came out with version three, I thought to myself maybe, just maybe this might be just ungeeky enough that the average person could actually use. When I say the average person, I'm talking about you standing behind the chair, doing what you do.

You need sales letters.

You remember last week, or maybe it was the week before, I forgot how many, they're kind of running together on me, I said, "One idea for marketing a stylist is that this time next year, you should cranked out at least 30 videos, should have cranked that many out." You might have thought, "No, I don't think so." I do think so and this is one of the tools that would make that possible.

Last week we introduced you to how to go to Fiverr and get a video made. Fiver can be a little pricey for the amount of videos we're talking about. This particular software brings that price way down. I ain't got nothing but love for you. I'm not just going to throw out this gee whiz idea without giving you the ability to get there. Come on now. This is me, you know I got you.

Idea for Marketing a Stylist | What is a Video Sales Letter?

It's a type of video that's used by internet marketers to sell stuff. That's kind of it in a nutshell. It's just words on the screen, interesting backgrounds, and someone reading those words.

The cool part about it and the reason why these things work so well is because, they're mesmerizing. Especially if you put them together well. What you have is the words which you're going to read as they flash up there, and then you have someone reading those words along with you.

It's actually a little trick back when I was trying to, when I was reading marketing books. Sometimes people who writing marketing books aren't really the best at writing what I call, interesting. They write, but it ain't interesting. It's factual and it's good information to know. It's just not interesting.

The technique that I found that helps me get through that is, I'll go to and look for an unabridged version of this same book. Then I simply listen to the book while I'm reading the book. It makes it a lot easier to get through, makes it easier to understand what the person is trying to say.

It gets the information in there just a little bit tighter because I'm reading it as well as hearing it. I don't even know what it is, something about how people learn or something like that, but what's really cool is for video sales letters, it does the exact same thing.


Creating your video sales letter

The words that you have written out, that's your video sale, your script, whatever it is you want to say, you've written it out, you've put it on the video and then you or somebody else reads it


The somebody else, of course, can either be somebody that you happen to know that has this really cool voice, but that's not usually what happens, or it's somebody that you picked up for some place like Fiverr to simply read your script. Those are a lot easier to get a hold of. However you do it, it's just someone reading your script while the words flash across the screen.

The words can get up on the screen a couple of different ways. That's a little detail that's really not that big a deal but you've probably seen the kind where the words are bouncing all over the place and a part of the word comes in, different background. It's just a visual treat, or you've seen the kind where it's just a phrase, someone reads the phrase and when they get to the bottom of it, it moves to the next phrase. Either way, those are video sales letters and they're very, very effective.


You may be asking why am I bringing this particular piece of software to your attention. Aren't there other pieces of software, other platforms out there?

Why, yes. Yes there are. If you look at the marketing for all those other ones, for the different whiteboard videos, the different static videos, there's all kinds of videos out there and the videos are so cool,

If you look at the marketing, you'll notice that the phrase 'Easy' is in every one of them. No matter how frustrating their software happens to be, they're still going to say, "Easy to use" in the marketing.

I've spent quite a bit of time cussing out in my head and sometimes out loud, the developers who put together some of this software because I'm not sure who they thought was going to be operating it but intuitive it definitely isn't. The ones that are just hard for no apparent reason, I'm not bringing those to your attention. This one, Easy VSL is not hard for any particular reason.

As a matter of fact, you can see in version three, which is the most latest one, the most latest, the latest one that they've got out, you can tell that the developer is trying to make it as easy as possible. He's had some success in the past.

People like myself have said, "This is a pretty cool piece of software." A lot of sales. If you're in the internet marketing game, what you do is you refine the software and you sell it to the same people over again. If it's good enough, they'll buy it.

It was good enough. I bought it.

Not only did I bought it, now I'm telling you about it. You don't have to buy it but I want you to know about it.

I guess the reason why I thought it was an okay piece of software to bring to your attention, why I'm pretty sure you're not going to feel some kind of way about me, that this is not going to break our relationship, is because with the upgrade to version three, it's simple enough to use that it doesn't cause angst as it were.

I was able to operate version two. It wasn't the hardest thing in the world, but it was tedious.

They took the tedious out with version three.

There's two things it does that I was like, "Wow, really? Cool!".

One, if you have a script, it will chop that script up and put it onto different slides for you. Instead of you having to decide which words go on each individual slide, you simply import it into the software and it can put it on all the slides and divide up the words for you which saves a whole bunch of time.

The other thing which I was like, is they're actually leveraging Watson, you know, IBM Watson to take this little piece of tedium out of the entire process.

At the end of the day this is a pretty cool piece of software. It's very, very handy. If you're thinking about making videos for yourself, it's a nice way to go. Trust me, a very nice way to go.

Ideas for Marketing Stylist | Purchasing the Software

This software is what's called 'Software as a service' which means you don't buy it, you rent the ability to use it. The initial payment is $67.00 and then every month after that it's $9.99. One of those small numbers you're supposed to forget about so it's not so painful. If you're not going to crank out videos, I suggest staying away from this.

There's other pieces of software out there that in the long run will cost you a lot less, especially if you're going to be slow about it, but if you're planning on doing that 30 that I was telling you about, this will more than pay for itself as far as exposure and all that other good stuff so definitely something to jump on.

It's kind of weird how you get to it though. If you go to you're going to find that it's locked up. In other words, you'll see a thing saying, "We've shut this down."

However, there's another link that is still open. I don't get it. I don't understand it. Normally everything is shut down and they bring it back up. It's a scarcity thing if you know what I mean.

That's a marketing trick. You should use it, it's really, really cool. I'm going to give you a link to get to that one. It's I think I said this earlier. Actually, it's going to be an affiliate link. I haven't set it up yet so right now it's just a link going to this particular page so you can take a look at all the information. At some point it will probably be an affiliate link, but right now it's not as I'm recording this because sometimes I'm just too lazy to set it up. It's just the way it is.

Anyway, if you're going to do videos a lot, and when I say a lot, crank out one or two a month, because let's face it, you're standing behind a chair. You're not Cecil. B Demill so you ain't got that kind of time, but one or two a month, yeah this makes sense. If you're going to be doing less than that, stay away of from this because you would do better getting something like Camtasia or ScreenFlow that can do the things that you need to do as well but it's a one time payment, so think about that.

Ideas for Marketing Stylist | A Special Offer

I'm going to do you a solid just because we're nice like that. Scroll down the page for my worksheet for creating a script. It's basically a seven sentence job because you don't need any more than seven sentences. Everything else is filler after that, but seven core sentences to make a really good video script.

If you're going to do this, you'll then have a way to get the most important thing, which is the script which drives this all.

You're welcome!


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