Why I Like the Icegram Plugin

Quick question. What does your website and public transportation have in common? If you’re lucky, not much. However, if your salon’s website is like most of the ones I see on a regular basis. They have quite a bit in common.

It’s Like Waiting For A Bus That Isn’t Coming

I’m sure I’ve mentioned that I was raised in New Jersey before, but just in case, let me throw this out there. I was raised in New Jersey. Exit 144 off the Garden State Parkway to be exact.

I liked it. Great place to grow up. One of the things I liked was that in my part of the state, we had a very developed public transportation system. When you’re a young kid on the move freedom of movement is a wonderful thing.

Back then, there were only two things I didn’t like about taking a bus: winter and rain. Each was its own very special treats. I never imagined that standing on a corner on a sunny day could be a similar treat.

But now I live in Sin City and have become very acquainted with just how angry the sun can get, particularly during the month of August.

Well if you’ve ever waited on the corner for a bus you know about the internal happy dance you do when you finally see your bus come into view.

There’s something that just so comforting knowing that in about ten minutes or so, you’ll finally be on your way. That for all intents and purposes, your wait is over.

Unfortunately, as happens every so often when you see that speck in the distance, you notice that something is off. It definitely a bus, but somehow it’s moving wrong. It doesn’t seem to be stopping to pick up any passengers.

You know what it is of course. As the speck grows larger and eventually gets close enough, you see the sign on the front of the bus that you knew you’d see.

Not in Service.
icegram plugin
I can almost swear that on one or two occasions I’ve seen drivers giggling as they motored on by.

Well, short of the giggling part, that’s what having a website without any calls to action is like. A perfectly good website that just doesn’t seem to be stopping to pick up any passengers or in our case potential clients.

Why Choose the Icegram Plugin


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