Let’s Get It Started

In this episode we talk about a new year and a new beginning to the podcast that is focused exclusively on internet marketing for salons.

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The I Help Salons Podcast is a labor of love for small business owners. Salon owners in particular. We discuss why you need a website to base your inbound marketing plan around and why you should have inbound marketing as part of your salon marketing plan.

We discuss the pitfalls of relying on Facebook as the foundation for your internet presence. I predict that Facebook will move to a pay model for business advertisers as it continues to develop and its shareholders demand more profits.

The goal of this podcast is to help you establish your businesses in the right online channels so you will be found when someone goes online to search for your services.

We preview our plans to explain the different models available for getting online and having your website created.

Contact information:
Phone the Sherpa Line: (702) 582-6708
Email the show at: sherpa@ihelpsalons.com