How to Get Clients as a Booth Renter

Many booth renters focus SEO, Google ads and anything they can think of to get seen online so they can grow their clientele. However, getting found online is simply the first step in the process. Given a choice, most people prefer to do business with people they know, like and trust. Your goal is to take your leads from seeing you as unknown and online to trusted and in your chair.

In this section we touch on tips for being less of an unknown and more of a helpful resource that your prospects can depend on.

August 14, 2017

Groupon for Booth Renters

If you've ever wondered is there a right way to use Groupon, a way that actually helps build your business, you're in luck. In this week's episode we're discussing Groupon Strategy with Kechia Taylor from Brows & Company.
July 18, 2017

Google’s Coming for Your Appointment Book

Google has begun its move into the online booking space. If you're not into online booking, it's time to take a second look. As the internet landscape changes, it's always a good idea to pay attention to how those changes affect how you run your business.
July 10, 2017

Business Building for Booth Renters

I never would have believed how important curtains are to a facebook marketing plan, but now I do. In this episode we talk about how I blew up my site and the power of curtains.
June 26, 2017

Why You Need to Back Up Your Website and the Blueprint

A quick look back at backups and an introduction to the Blueprint I use when working with clients.
June 11, 2017

Review | Booth Renting 101: A Guide for the Independent Stylist

An honest review of Booth Renting 101: A Guide for the Independent Stylist from your friendly neighborhood Internet Sherpa and the I Help Salons community
May 29, 2017

Hair Stylist Marketing Tools | Make Your Website Sell For You

Your website is a tool. How powerful a tool depends on how you use it. Is it just a digital billboard letting the world know you exist, or an always on duty salesman, that's constantly bringing you new prospects that you can turn into clients. If you're not sure which one you've got, this episode is for you.
May 15, 2017

Salon Booth Renter Email Marketing Ideas | The Only One That Works

With the volume of booth renter marketing advice available online, why should you listen to me? Good question. In this episode I take a stab at answering that exact question.
May 8, 2017

Booth Renting 101 | The Secret to a Full Book?

There is no shortage of marketing systems designed to help you fill your book and build your business. However, without one key ingredient, you'll find it hard to succeed no matter how hard you try.
April 30, 2017

Booth Renter Email Marketing | How To Create Lead Magnets

Booth renters who plan to use email as part of their online marketing need to understand what lead magnets are and how to create the ones that work for salons and stylists.
April 23, 2017

Booth Renter Email Marketing | Segmenting Your Email List

Email marketing is one of the most versatile tools available to booth renters. In this episode, I discuss a simple technique for getting prospects to tell you which of your products and services they want to purchase.
January 2, 2017
can a booth renter sell retail

Can a Booth Renter Sell Retail? Duh!

The concept of selling retail online should be a no-brainer. If something so basic can boost your bottom line by up to 20% why wouldn't you do it?
August 18, 2016

Attract the Right Dance Partners to Your Website

There's nothing more important than attracting the right visitors to your website. Today we discuss the best tool for keeping your marketing message aimed at the people who need to hear it.
August 11, 2016

Sites to Use When You’re Building Your Clientele

If you want to to use free traffic to attract visitors to your website, these are the websites that you should use as the foundation of your web presence.
August 2, 2016

The Smart Way to Use Google’s Mobile Friendliness Tool

A lot goes into attracting new clients with your website. One of the more important factors is whether it's mobile friendly or not.
August 11, 2015

A Quick Look at Google’s Micro-Moments

With instant information, purchases can happen in an instant. In this episode we consider how to best position your salon to win in those micro-moments.
August 3, 2015

Why I Like the Icegram Plugin

Explaining lead generation can be a challenge with new website owners. In this episode I explore the Icegram plugin and explain why I'm switching.
July 27, 2015

Can Chair Renters Have Google Business Pages

If you are a chair renter, a Google+ Business Page is essential for marketing your business. Today we show why Google says you get to have one of your own.
July 7, 2015

Your Call To Action. Make Me See It Or Don’t Bother

The key to your online client generator is a great call to action. There are two non-negotiables when it comes to calls to action. Make me […]
May 14, 2015

Mobile Surpasses Desktop For The First Time. So What?

In this episode we revisit our conversation about mobile ready websites and try to answer the question, “What does all of this mean for your salon […]
April 5, 2015

Google Analytics for Salon Websites Part 3

In this final look at Google Analytics, we dig into Goals and Events, or as I refer to them, the meat of the matter. This is where we figure out if your website is performing or not. And if not, what needs to be fixed so that it does.
March 26, 2015

Google Analytics for Salon Websites Part 2

You need to measure what you're doing on your website. Otherwise you'll never know what's working and what's not. Google Analytics is a free tool that can help you tune your website so it is better at converting website visitors into salon customers.
March 15, 2015

Google Analytics for Salon Websites Part 1

You need to measure what you're doing on your website. Otherwise you'll never know what's working and what's not. Google Analytics is a free tool that can help you tune your website so it is better at converting website visitors into salon customers.
March 8, 2015

Get Ready for Google’s Newest Mobile Push

Google's upping the ante on mobile friendliness. As web usage becomes more and more mobile oriented, Google is working to stay ahead of the game. The most recent agenda change will reward sites it sees as "mobile friendly" with better search rankings. In this episode we talk about what you can do to take advantage of the change.
December 21, 2014

Salon Buyer Persona And Your Website Content

Salon Buyer Persona is an odd phrase, but those three words do the heavy lifting on your salon's website. Salon owners who make the most money tend to...
December 14, 2014

Making Sense of Salon Internet Marketing

For many stylists and salon owners, salon internet marketing is nothing short of frustrating. Do I need a website or is Facebook my best choice? And where does Yelp fit in?
July 17, 2014

Using ManyContacts to Serve the Meal

If you put your website together correctly, it will connect with visitors at every phase of the buying process. Today we talk about ManyContacts. A new player to the contact form field that's worth adding to your mix.
March 31, 2014

Hair Stylist Marketing Tips – Taking Online Advertising Ideas Offline

One of the things I like the most about working with hair stylists is getting them understand to the benefits of using the internet for their […]
March 10, 2014

Salon Iris Interview with Brian Hehir

In this episode we discuses Salon Iris with Brian Hehir from DaySmart Software. I also spend time discussing the problem with half finished websites. When I’m […]
December 2, 2013

Why Doesn’t My Hair Stylist Marketing Plan Work

There's no such thing as an unsuccessful hair stylist with an effective hair stylist marketing plan. Of Course, having a marketing plan doesn't mean it's effective.
November 25, 2013

Salon Text Message Marketing May Not Be Right For Booth Renters

Salon text message marketing is powerful and you "probably" should be using it, unless you shouldn't be. In this episode we try to figure it out.
November 21, 2013

Booth Renter Text Message Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

Text message marketing. For new stylists it's a great marketing tool that unfortunately is sometimes out of reach. Luckily there's a solution for that.
November 18, 2013

Website Analytics Tools | Understanding Your Website Traffic

There are quite a few website analytics tools available for measuring the performance of your site. In this episode we compare two popular ones.
November 11, 2013

Studio Salon SMS Marketing

Salon SMS marketing is the most powerful tool independent stylists can use to grab new customers and retain current ones. In this episode we begin our look at choices and techniques.
November 4, 2013

Salon Iris Software Reviews

There are quite a few salon management software suites on the market. In this episode we begin our Salon Iris software reviews by having an interesting conversation with studio salon owner Monica Crowl from Chico, California.
October 28, 2013

Sappsuma Beauty Salon Mobile App for Independent Stylists

Having a beauty salon mobile app in iTunes is becoming a reality for independent stylists. We discuss apps and mobile sites with Elliot Roe from Sappsuma.
October 21, 2013

Online Booking Services and Mobile Websites For Booth Renters

When you’re in the market for an online booking service to add to your website, it’s easy to get confused by all of the choices that […]
October 14, 2013

Online Appointment Booking Plugins

When stylists want to add online appointment booking to their websites, most seem to gravitate towards online services such as StyleSeat and Schedulicty. However, WordPress offers […]
October 7, 2013

If You’re Special, Then Say You’re Special

In a crowded field you’ve got to stand out. Excellence with the scissors isn’t enough to get noticed. You’ve got to build your brand. Your first […]
August 12, 2013

Why I Wouldn’t Use Aweber For A Salon Email List

If you’re wondering if your salon email list is important to your business, here’s something to think about. A passion for cutting and coloring is enough […]
July 29, 2013

Is MailChimp Right For Your Salon’s Email Campaign

A well run email campaign affects the bottom line in a big way. Many salons run their email campaigns through MailChimp. But is it the right choice?
July 22, 2013

Salon Email Marketing – The Big Picture

If you’re a salon owner with a website, then you should be using it to execute some sort of salon email marketing plan. That is, of […]
May 27, 2013

Build a Website to Target Your Ideal Customer

In this episode we spend a little time talking about what should be the key thing you focus on when you’re building a salon website. We […]
May 15, 2013

How To Grow Your Clientele Using Email Marketing

The most important word in email permission marketing is permission. Opting out of an email list is easy. Keeping subscribers comes down to ...
March 25, 2013

Set The Table, Serve The Meal

In this episode we clarify our criteria for judging whether a salon's website is successful or not and make plans for upcoming I Help Salons features.
March 18, 2013

How To Pump Up Your Salon’s Marketing Call To Action

The power of your marketing call to action is the key to your salon website's success. In this episode we pump up the traditional salon call to action.
March 11, 2013

Your Call To Action Is Killing Your Salon Website

Call To Action. The words that mean success or failure of your salon's website. In this episode we discuss creating good salon website calls to action.
March 4, 2013

Online Salon Marketing – What To Do When It’s Time To Grow

Great service, great staff, and a great location. Now take it to the next level with a simple, online salon marketing plan that you can do yourself.
March 4, 2013

How Google Analytics Can Help You Blow Up Your Salon Website Views

With online salon marketing, everything changes when you turn on the scoreboard. The difference between having an online business card and an effective marketing tool is […]
January 26, 2013

4 Easy Ways To Market Your Salon Using QR Codes

QR Codes for Salons. They’re a great salon marketing tool for extending your reach into the mobile space. They’re one of the few marketing methods that […]
January 24, 2013

Salon QR Codes. What, Why, How

In this episode I put together a quick bite sized Salon QR code overview. We discuss the purpose of using QR codes in your salon, how […]


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