3 Reasons You Need A Hair Stylist Website

The hair stylist website is a funny thing. Any ten different stylists will have ten different opinions about them. But just like there’s no right or wrong brand of scissors for cutting hair, there’s no right or wrong answer to that website question.  What works for one stylist may be a poor fit for another.

The stylist business involves a lot more than cutting and coloring.  There are important systems that all hair stylists need to manage if they want a long career.  In this episode we highlight three systems that are easier to manage when stylists have their own websites.

Hair Stylist Websites Help You Brand Yourself

hair stylist websiteSuccessful stylists have been around for a long time. They were around before the first hair stylist website ever saw the light of day. They’ll most likely be around long after the next big wave of technology comes along.

What make these stylists successful isn’t their  website.  It’s what people think of them and their hair cutting ability.  Whether you work for a salon or rent your own space, the most important commodity you have is your reputation.

Successful stylists build strong reputations and then make that reputation spread.  The better your hair skills and the more people that know about them, the more opportunities you’ll have to grow.

Another name for your reputation is your brand. It’s what people think of when they think of you. The most powerful tool for shaping what people understand about your hair skills is a website that you control.

Websites Help Hair Stylists Prospect For New Customers

In a perfect world, you wouldn’t have to worry about managing or promote your brand. One satisfied customer would tell two friends, those two friends would tell two friends and suddenly you’d have more business than any one hair stylist could handle. Customers still use word of mouth to spread the word, but lately, more and more people turn to sites like Yelp, Facebook and hair stylists’ own websites to discover what stylists are out there.

Using your website for prospecting lets you connect with customers you haven’t met yet.

If no one knows you’re out there, your hair cutting career will be very short lived. Luckily, there are literally thousands of searches performed every day by people who need answers to their hair questions.  They’re looking for answers and they’re looking for hair stylists that specialize in particular hair techniques. If you had a hair stylist website, your hair skills could be on display in front of customers who otherwise wouldn’t know you existed.

Successful Hair Stylists Also Use Websites To Rebook Customers

Like any other business, the hair stylists need repeat business more than new business. Marketing to an audience of customers that know, trust and want to buy from you is less expensive and much easier than trying to find new hair customers week after week.

Successful stylists have customers that come back to them time and time again. The most successful stylists have systems that not only get customers to come back, but get them to come back consistently and on a predictable schedule.  That doesn’t happen without building and maintaining a  relationship with your customers.

There are many ways stylists can build that relationship. Integrating email and text messaging marketing with a hair stylist’s website are two of the most effective systems.

A hair stylist website is one of the most powerful tools for building a business. While there are many othre resources available. Few offer the flexibility having your own website brings.

Next week we’ll talk about adding ecommerce to a hair salon website.

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