Who’s Afraid to Play With Hair Stylist Website Templates

Website Templates – Get In There and Play

Most of the hair stylists I run into are not geeks. They’re artists whose medium is hair. They may have a few pockets of geekishness in their lives, but that’s about it.

Being a non-geek generally isn’t a problem for a stylist. But when you’re sifting through hair stylist website templates, being a little geeky helps.

One of the reasons I like to work with hair stylists is because they’re creatives. I imagine that all day long they walk down the street and look at all of the hair emergencies they come across and think of the interesting hair interventions they could do.

I imagine that what hair stylists see when they walk down the street is similar to what I see when I surf the web. Website emergencies that just need the right templates to really sing.

Matching Website Templates To The Hair Stylist

Whenever a hair stylist contacts me for a site redo I almost always run into the same problem. The website and the stylist just don’t match at all. Usually, it’s because the stylist went looking for “hair stylist website templates.”

Developers and vendors use labels to push product. They need to get in front of as many stylist eyeballs as they can. Can’t blame them. It’s their business. They know quite a bit about website design, but what are the odds that they’ve got a hair stylist on speed dial. Pretty slim.

What they call hair stylist themes are really just templates they want you to look at. They could easily work for plenty of other businesses.

Luckily that street runs both ways.

There are tons of website templates that aren’t labeled aimed at hair stylists, that would work perfectly well. That’s an important bit information to hold onto.

You’re competing for customers everyday. You’re competing against other stylists and established salons as well. The website templates you pick matter.

Don’t be timid about playing with website templates. You could miss selecting one that is a match for your style. There are customers who are looking for a hair stylist like you. The trick is to get in front of them and tell your story. The right website templates make that a little more likely.

If you’re using WordPress for your online platform, explore the repository inside your dashboard. At the time of this writing there are 1,019 templates listed there. That’s a lot of potential to find the theme you need for your stylist website. One click to install, one click to activate.

“Not knowing” is a crappy reason not to have a site that can properly tell your story.

I understand that it’s easy to type and hard to do. I created a new video for the “Heard on The Podcast” playlist. This video makes it easy for any stylist to get in and explore without fear of breaking anything. Now all you need to do is get in there and start playing.

Links mentioned in this episode:
Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That: http://youtu.be/Nh7UgAprdpM
Heard On The Podcast Playlist: http://ihelpsalons.com/youtube

I Help Salons Episode 64: Who’s Afraid to Play With Hair Stylist Website Templates?

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