How To Setup A Hair Stylist Website

In many ways, setting up a hair stylist website is very similar to setting up a salon website. However, similar isn’t the same as identical. There are a few differences that hair stylists need to keep in mind if they want to get the most from their sites.

Who’s On WordPress?

Hair Stylist Website SetupIn this episode we resume our “Who’s on WordPress” segment by taking a look at Nick Meinzer’s website. Nick is a stylist from the Oakland/San Francisco area who’s been working hair since 1990.

I chose Nick’s site for our first “Who’s On WordPress: Hair Stylist” edition because of two items on his site.
Location: Nick’s business has evolved to where he actually works out of two different locations. Oakland is his Tuesday location. Wednesday through Friday he’s in San Francisco.

While many salon’s have several different locations. Few stylists do, at least at the same time. What Aside from this interesting setup, it highlights the mobile nature of stylists. Nick may move between two locations weekly, but booth and chair renters move between locations as well. Usually as a result of their lease coming to an end and desiring to change venues.

The stylist’s website is a form of online continuity that all other connections tie into. So no matter what physical location a stylist may occupy, his or her online location remains constant. Needless to say, it’s important to maintain congruence with all online references to your business.

Online Appointment Booking: According to his site, Nick books all of his appointments online. This makes sense given his mobile nature. This is a template that all independent stylists might want to seriously consider.

Successful businesses get that way in part by putting systems in place for key business functions. There are few systems more important than appointment booking. By going online, stylists can location proof their client bookings. The process clients use to schedule appointments stay the same no matter what building the stylist is currently working from.

People are creatures of habit, so anything that helps with making the next appointment a habit is worth considering.

Citations for Stylists

In Episode 35 we explored online business citations. In this episode we discussed citations as they apply to stylist websites.

Because citations are online mentions of a business, the stylist that moves from one venue to another runs the risk of having conflicting information online. This negatively affects the stylist’s website ranking in the search engines.
Many online directories and revue sites, allow you to claim your business listing without charge.

However, there are services such as that will manage online citations for a fee. Stylists should always measure the fee services like Yext charge versus their ability to accomplish much of the same themselves.

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