Hair Stylist Marketing Tips – Taking Online Advertising Ideas Offline

One of the things I like the most about working with hair stylists is getting them understand to the benefits of using the internet for their advertising. Every stylist I’ve met so far thinks of advertising in a very one dimensional way. It’s either online or it’s off line.

That leaves a lot of cheddar “on the table”. For independent hair stylists, there’s no such thing as online or offline. It’s one system that needs to work together.

Stop Shouting, They Can’t Hear You

In this episode, I tell the story of two of my customers who returned from a local expo with completely different experiences. One thought it was a total success. The other, a hair stylist, saw the expo as a total waste of her time and marketing dollar.

Her specialty was organic hair care. And while she had plenty of organic hair care conversations, none turned into new business for her salon. The party stopped right there at the expo.

This conversation led to one of my favorite marketing tips. Transmit on the frequency they’re listening on.

The people my stylist friend talked to were there for information. No matter how good her value proposition was:

  • They weren’t there to make a buying decision.
  • They were too early in the buying process.
  • They just couldn’t hear her message.

This is one of this tips that keeps showing up. It has saved me plenty of aggravation over the years.

When they asked for steak. Give them the sizzle.

hair stylist marketing tips

Most online hair stylist marketing tips say the same thing. Put your web address on all of your marketing materials. Good idea but incomplete.

If you’re a hair stylist with a website, you’re also an internet marketer. You just have a few extra style points. Use your website the way internet marketers use theirs. Think of your marketing as a way to make a sale or add to your email list.

In this case let’s talk about adding to your email list. Every piece of advertising material you hand out from your business cards to your flyers should generate questions and curiosity. They should point out problems or other pain points the reader has. It could be a list of hair care/maintenance tips or any other information your customers want and need.

Then it should make a promise.

It should promise to provide the answer to that curiosity and the relief from that pain. Where is all that relief? On your website of course! To get it, all your website visitors need to do is input their email address.

Now you have permission to educate your new contact over a period of time and become someone they know, like and trust.

The details sound better on the podcast, but essentially that’s the gist.

A well formatted site puts any stylist in the position to generate new business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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