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If you’re a hair stylist, your time should be spent working on clients or working on finding clients. The last thing you should be spending your time doing is learning the ins and outs of building hair salon websites. I suspect that while most top hair salons use their website as part of the advertising plan, very few have a dedicated staff geek who built their site for them.
While that is my humble opinion, I concede that there may be a few people standing behind the chair that disagree with me.

For those of you who are determined to give it a shot anyway, Tyler Moore’s YouTube Channel is a very valuable resource that you may want to investigate.

How to Create Content When You Hate to Type

Long time listeners of the podcast are very familiar with the phrase: “Invite the Guests, Set the Table, Serve the Meal.”

One of the tasks that phrase implies is creating content to post online. Whether that’s part of function of your regular hair salon blogging activities, or part of your email marketing campaign, there’s really no escaping the fact that you’re going to have to create content.

If you’re like me, the thought of writing out thoughts to post online, is like fingernails against the blackboard.

In this episode, I share a little work around I use that all but eliminates the need to type anything. The best part of this little tip, is that it helps you accomplish one of the most important things you need to accomplish with your website. Get your personality across in your content so that you can make a connection with your audience.

Being a podcaster, I sometimes add the transcript of the episode to the blog post. My technique for getting that mind numbing task done is to use a transcription service called CastingWords.com. They’re inexpensive, accurate, and pretty darn handy.

If you want to make the most of hair salon blogging, and the thought of sitting at your keyboard gives you an instant headache, listen in as I describe the technique I use to create content without the aggravation of typing.

Episode Transcript:

Hey, folks. How are you doing? Chris Carter, your Internet Sherpa here. Welcome to episode 95 of “I Help Salons.” This is the podcast with the self appointed mission of looking at the Internet from a salon point of view. There are a lot of stories in the naked city. I’m going to help you get yours told.

If You Must…Let Tyler Moore Show You How To Build Your Hair Salon Website

In case you’re wondering what that goofiness at the very beginning of this episode was, that was a gentleman by the name of Tyler Moore. Took a little sound bite off of one of his videos. If you’re wondering who Tyler Moore is, you’re an inquisitive sort aren’t you. Let me tell you who he is and how I bumped into him.

hair salon blogging

He’s got a YouTube channel and his claim to fame is making videos that show you how to build a WordPress website step-by-step with no steps skipped. That’s his whole claim to fame. He’s got plenty of videos on his YouTube channel with that same purpose.

The reason I bumped into him is because I ran into somebody this week, a stylistic, who used his services or used his information to build her own hair salon website. You know me. You’ve heard me pontificate for the last few episodes that for local hair salons, I don’t think that’s the highest and best use of your time.

However, bumping into this person this week let me realize that I was driving 55 miles an hour in the left hand lane trying to regulate traffic like that was my job and it is not. On the chance that there is some of you out there who are dedicated to building your own website, let me give you a resource to get you where you need to be.

The gentleman’s name is Tyler Moore and he has all kinds of videos. They’re about an hour long, some of them a little bit longer. That lets you know how in depth he goes. Because the person I was working with told me that they’re just great videos, I put an eyeball on them and yes, they’re very, very…I’m not going to say “basic,” they’re detailed.

If you’re not a geek, you can still get it done which is a good thing. Even if you want to build an e-commerce site, he gives you instant information on how to do that as well.

If you have a bent and you have to get it done or you need to get it out of your system, and you want to find someone who’s going to help you do that, then Tyler Moore is a good place for you to go. Go over to YouTube, type “Tyler Moore” into the search engine, into the little search bar.

It’s like Mary Tyler Moore without the Mary at the front and then partake. One of two things is going to happen when you do that. You’re either going to get that website built or realize, “Yeah, you know what? Sherpa was right. This is not the highest and best use of your time.”

When you bump into that, give me a call, we’ll get you squared away. That’s one thing I wanted to tell you about. Get over there, get it out of your system or get it done. One of the two things because you got to get online.

Hair Salon Blogging: Getting It Done


We’re not going to talk about what to type. We’re not even going to talk about why to type. We’re going to talk about how to get it done if you don’t like to type. I’m going to tell you, I can’t stand typing. That’s why I podcast and I don’t blog.

hair salon bloggingI can’t stand typing. However, Google can’t hear words. I’ve got to do something so that Google can see my content. I use a transcription service called CastingWords.com. It’s something I want you to think about adding to your arsenal as you try to get this website thing of yours going.

I’ve told you that you need to blog as part of your hair salon marketing plan. I’ve told you that you probably need to get email marketing kicked up and fired up. Top hair salons use them and they all require the written word. If putting prose on paper or typing away is not your claim to fame, then this might be just the resource that you’re looking for.

Let me tell you how I do my podcast episodes as far as getting the stuff out there and maybe it’ll work for you. I do have a set up where I podcast right into my iMac. I don’t have this big highfalutin, the little system that some podcasters have because I don’t believe it’s that serious.

However, what I do might work for you.

  • Let’s say that you want to give hair salon blogging a shot and you’ve found a topic that you want to create a piece of content on. You’re looking at creating a blog post. Somebody said something and you either disagree with it or you think they left something out and you want to expand on it.
  • Just get your favorite voice recorder. If you got a smartphone, I guarantee you, even if it’s one of those inferior android devices. That should still have a voice recorder of some sort on there. Just talk, that’s all you have to do. Layout this is the point…write down maybe two or three points that you want to make sure you cover and then just start talking.
  • When you start talking, understand that you’re probably going to do at least three versions. Three iterations of talking. Just say what you want to say the first time and then listen to it.
  • When you listen to it, you’re probably going to find that there’s a point or two that you just didn’t hit correctly, you weren’t exactly clear. Or there’s a point that you said, “You know what? I should have segued into this a little bit better.”
  • The bottom line is, you’re going to listen to yourself and go, “Oh, I missed something” or “I need to add something,” something like that. Then you’re going to record it a second time.
  • You’re not going to write anything down. You’re just going to have it in your head and you’re going to spit it out a second time. I guarantee it’s going to come out smoother the second time.As a matter of fact it’s probably going to get a little bit more condensed because chances are, if you’re like me, and this is my process, you tend to get long winded the first time you hit a topic.A lot of stuff that you add to it that doesn’t need to be in there. The second time you do it, you start to cull that stuff out.
  • Hit it one more time. Listen to it one more time and then go, “Hmm.” Then pick up that mic however you’ve got it, whatever voice recorder you got.
  • There’s actually a podcast app. That’s another story. However you do it and then record yourself one last time and then take that recording and send it off to CastingWords.com. What they will do is they will transcribe it for a dollar per minute. That’s a dollar per minute as long as it’s not some goofy recording.

By goofy I mean, you’re not walking through Walmart and all of a sudden you got all kinds of background noise that the transcriptionist has to fight their way through. That cost a little bit extra. You don’t need to do that.

They are 99 and 44/100ths percent accurate for the content that I send them because the content that I send them, there’s no background noise and I don’t have too much of a mush mouth thing going on.

That’s one of the times that you hear me say “Woosah, woosah” because I have to slow myself down from speaking too fast. I am from New Jersey after all and you know how we do.

If you can do that, if you can simply have two or three points that you want to bring up, then record it three times, send it off, they will send you back a text document, either in word format or a txt document and you can simply post that to your hair salon blog.

You will have to take a look at it because chances are there might be one or two words that they misinterpreted. They didn’t misspell, they heard the word differently than what you’ve said. If it’s only one or two in a 15-minute recording, you may not feel like you need to do that. If you’re a little “retentive” as I tend to be from time to time, go ahead and take a look at it.

Also you may have to juice it up if you’re doing it for SEO purposes to make sure that your keywords are highlighted and do the things that you’re supposed to do or your hair salon advertising campaign.

Or just format it, so that it’s pleasing because people do scan, they don’t read online. You might have to do that as well. The bottom line is it’s a very, very easy way of getting around having to hit that keyboard a bunch of times. Because I have found, in my personal experience that the way I talk naturally and what comes out when I’m typing, totally different.

What comes out when I’m typing is a whole lot more processed. It also takes me forever because even though I know, my college professor told me, “Don’t edit while you’re writing, just free write.” Yeah! Free write, sounds good, reads well, makes a great PowerPoint slide, but that’s just not me.

That’s not how I roll. I always tend to edit while I’m typing and chances are you might be the same. This is one way for you to get around that, CastingWords.com. Send it off. Comes back in about six to eight days if you don’t do the rush job.

You can pay extra for the rush job. It’s never serious enough for me to pay that extra 50 cents for a rush job. Then just take your content and do what you will with it. I’m guaranteeing that you’ll find that for seven to eight minutes of talking, you will have about a thousand words and that’s a pretty good size piece of content.

That’s why when you do it a third time, you’re going to have to condense it down because you may end up talking way too long. It’s actually that simple. It’s that simple. Give it a shot and it may be something that you want to actually try because I guarantee this is one tool that you will use over and over and over again.

You don’t have a lot of time. Since you have to do this, you can either pay somebody to get it done. You can always call me and I can show you how to do it or you can do this and I’m telling you, this will get you to where you need to be. This little tool, give it a shot. You might like it.

That’s going to be the tip for today. That’s how we’re going to do it. We’re going to keep giving you little stuff to get you down the road to where you need to be. Before I jump out of here, let me throw one more thing at you. A little thing, something to bounce around up in your cranium. One of the benefits of doing it this way is it captures you in prose.

When I say it captures you, it captures what you say, the way you say it, the way you mean it, in prose. Because if you think about it, that’s what this whole online thing is all about. There’s a sizable amount of people who are going to show up and sit in your chair who never go online to look for you.

There’s another group of people who are just net inclined. You’re going to bump into them. They’ll be on Facebook, they’ll be on Pinterest, they’ll be on Instagram, Google. They’ll be all over the place. Those are the people that you’re trying to reach with this.

Here’s a concept and you should already know this and if I’m preaching to the choir that I do, apologize. You do realize that you are the product. You know how to cut hair, you’re a skin person, you’re a nail tech and all that good stuff, but in reality you are the product.

People can get what you do pretty much anywhere across town. What they can’t get? They can’t get what you do the way you do it. When people come back and sit in your chair a second time, sitting back in your chair a third time, it’s because they like what you do.

They like the experience when they come to you to get what they get.

That’s very, very important for you to understand because when you’re reaching out online, you want to attract people who are vibing on you. When you capture your personal voice and you put it out there, it makes it a lot easier to capture those people and get them to come sit in your chair.

There’s that extra goodness that comes from making sure your voice doesn’t get diluted. An added benefit of course of using a transcriptionist is you don’t have to type this stuff out. Let me let you percolate on that for a week. I’ll come back and hit you with something else to get your brain wrapped around.

We’ll see if we can go forth and do good things. We’re going to get you somebody’s through the door. Get them from off line to in chair. We’re going to show you how to get that done this week. That’s it this week. Keep listening. We’ll get that done.

Time for me to bounce up out of here. It’s been a blast. I hope you got something out of this and I’m out.

This has been another episode of the I Help Salons podcast brought to you by me, your friendly neighborhood Internet Sherpa and all the cool things that we do over at eMicrobranding.com. In the words of the immortal, the Chief Rocker, Frankie Crocker, “May you live as long as you want, never want as long as you live.”

“May you live to be a hundred and me a hundred minus a day, so I’ll never know that nice people like you have passed away.” The number of times I say that, you think it would be easy by now. Go forth and do great things people. I will see you back here next week. Same bad time. Same bad channel. Bye.

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