The Smart Way to Use Google’s Mobile Friendliness Tool

There are a lot of things that go into attracting new clients with your website. One of the more important factors is how easy it is to actually use your website.

In mid-2015, Google officially noticed that more people use their search engines on mobile devices than on traditional desktops and laptops.

If your website is a key part of your marketing outreach, that’s a clear message to pay a little closer attention to how you look online.

Web surfers are just not very industrious folks

They don’t need to be. With so much easy access info out there, as soon as they run into a website that gives them any sort of trouble, they just hit the backspace button and go check out some other site.

One of the biggest reasons surfers abandon websites is that they are hard to navigate.

It’s called being “mobile friendly” and it means that your website is optimized to work on smartphones and tablets just as good it does on desktops and laptops.

There’s nothing worse than having a website that looks beautiful on your laptop, and then checking it out on your smartphone and finding that it’s a total mess.
mobile friendly test
Google wants to serve up the best experience to its search engine customers. Since so most of them are on smartphones, Google rewards sites that are mobile friendly with better placement.

In this episode, we discuss applying a little common sense when using any of Google’s tools and alternate tools that you can use as well.

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