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It’s hot in Vegas right now, but things are also heating up in the content marketing arena.  In this episode we’re going to introduce you to a new tool in your arsenal called Google authorship. In the effort to be greater amongst equals you’ve got to use all the tools at your disposal.

Mail Call
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We’re talking two pieces of email this week. The first is a notification email from my WordPress backup plugin.  I have my system set up to notify me whenever a backup has been completed successfully.  Whenever I receive that email notice I know that all is well for my online property. The second notification is a get rich quick offer that’s marketed at people trying to get in on the SEO niche.  The cautionary tail in this email is not so much in the email itself but what happens when people who act on this email later contact your business.

The Main Event
08:32 – Local Writing: 
Before I jump into my thoughts on Google authorship, I wanted to revisit last episode’s discussion on content marketing for your salon.  While I covered the information I wanted, I wasn’t entirely satisfied that I did a good job explaining the benefits of keeping an eye on the national media.

Watching writers on the national stage provides insight into the content you can produce for your local market.  Online magazines such as Ebony, Essence, Cosmopolitan, Woman’s World etc. have very demanding production cycles and their writers are very good at producing content to support the advertising on these sites.  This creates several opportunities for salon owners.

  1. You can dig deep.  National writers have to continuously churn out fresh content to fill pages.  That limits what they can do with any topic they decide to write about.  If their editors only give them 1000 words to play with, they have to decide what part of the story gets the most attention.  You don’t have that restriction. You have complete control of how much space you devote to any topic you decide to write about.  If a hair process, or skin technique requires several posts to fully inform your audience, you have the ability to do that.
  2. Local style is a real thing. The big fashion and trend writers cover major style topics on a very large scale.  They need to be relevant to their audiences on both coasts and in major metro areas.  That provides an opportunity to refine the conversation for your local audience. What’s fresh in Milan may not play too well in Madison.

19:04 – Google Authorship:  Search engines make the rules. Marketers play the game.  Any conversation about the why behind Google authorship need to mention that constant battle.  Google search has a very simple product offering. Relevant data. Marketers have a very simple objective. Get the most eye balls on whatever it is they are promoting.  Whether they are working for themselves or promoting a client’s work, they look at what Google prioritizes and adjust to take advantage of it.  This isn’t always good for what Google wants.

This back and forth has been ongoing since 1998 when Google first appeared on the scene.  Google authorship is the latest adjustment in that long running saga.  Google authorship is intended to link content that’s online with the author who penned it.  The big picture idea is that the data can then be ranked according to the author’s track record for producing content.

For salon owner’s this means that Google authorship needs to be embraced if only to remain current with the current state of things online.  As this is really in its infancy, the jury is still out as to the benefits for search results. However, anything that gives you an edge in your local community is a good thing.

Most salon owners are completely oblivious to the massive and constant change that is happening online at any given moment. Keeping your site in step with current trends will have lasting benefits for your online marketing efforts.

25:23 – The Blueprint: It’s impossible to put out a finished product when the industry that you’re mirroring keeps shifting.  That being the case, I’m releasing the Blueprint, warts and all as is in its unfinished state.  One of the things about this podcast is that I try to be authentic.  Even in it’s unfinished state, the Blueprint provides massive value.  I’ll keep refining it as we go forward so don’t be surprised if you come to a link that doesn’t go anywhere. Come back later and see if the construction crew has made it through that part of the site.

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