Google Analytics for Salon Websites Part 1

There’s quite a bit going on in Sherpa-land this week. I spent a portion of the week updating the sites that I manage to the latest version of my favorite SEO plugin, WordPress SEO. If you have this plugin installed on your site(s) and haven’t updated to Version 1.7.4, then stop reading this and update.

This most recent update fixed possible CSRF and blind SQL injection vulnerabilities in bulk editor. As geeky as that may sound, this an instance when you don’t need to understand the gumbo to enjoy it.

Or in the words of the plugin’s creator Joost de Valk on his blog: “Update. Now.”

Your Salon Website and Google Analytics

The most important thing you need to understand about Google Analytics is that when used properly it can help get the right people to your website. By the right people, I mean people who can actually become your customers. In addition to getting the right people to your website, GA can help you make the adjustments to you site that will help convert them into customers.

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