Google Analytics for Salon Websites Part 3

In this final look at Google Analytics, we dig into Goals and Events, or as I refer to them, the meat of the matter. This is where we figure out if your website is performing or not. And if not, what needs to be fixed so that it does.

This is without a doubt the area that salon website owners should be most interested in, but are not. Generally, because they don’t know it exists.

While Google Analytics may be a dark hole of wonder, it’s still pound for pound the best tool at your disposal for figuring out what to do with your website.

One of the most touted advantages of using the internet to market your website is that it’s measurable.  Of course if you don’t know how to measure it, that’s not really doing you a whole lot of good.  What we’ve attempted to do to this point is open your eyes to the valuable information this tools makes available to you.

This episode is about the payoff. You’re measuring what happens on your website because there is a specific result that you are looking for.

If that result is to attract customers to your chair, there are a few methods that you can pursue.  I’ve mentioned that using email marketing for lead nurturing is your best option.  In this episode, we discuss the role Google Analytics plays in helping you adjust your website so that your efforts are optimized and are operating at the highest level possible.

photo credit: Google Analytics on Computer Screen via photopin (license)

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