Getting into the Google 7-Pack

ihs089There are three distinct pieces of real estate on the Google search results page. The paid ads along the top and down the right hand sides, the organic search results that most are familiar with and the Google seven pack that’s between them.

The Google seven pack is a list of seven businesses that have listings that are featured by name on the Google map. The Google 7-Pack is another opportunity for studio salons to position themselves on the front page of the Google Search Results Page (SERP) without having to journey into the world of Google Adwords.

Recently, one of my new web hosting clients was complaining that his business wasn’t listed in the Google 7-Pack even though he had a Google Adwords account and a Google Plus account for his business.

In this episode, we take a quick look a the steps you’ll need to take so your small studio salon can compete for that valuable online real estate.