How to Use Fiverr to Make Your Salon Videos

In the past few podcast episodes we've been talking about how useful videos are for marketing your business. Now it's time to break out the toys and show you how to play with the tools in the toolbox.

The very first tool that we're gonna talk about is one that you can probably put to use for many different things, and it's a little site that we call

There are a lot of sites out there that do what does, but since it's the biggest, we'll start there.

On, all kinds of people with all kinds of skills from all over the world connect to this one site and are willing to do pretty much anything starting at only $5.00. As improbable as that sounds, it's true.

There's a couple of caveats that come alone with that to be sure, however, when it comes to talking about the types and quantity of videos that we're talking about, it's a darn good resource to know about. is really an interesting site. Not sure when I first came across it, but ever since, I keep going back to it. There's just a lot of handy things that go on there.

If you go to the home page, you'll see it says, "Don't just dream, do. Freelance services for the lean entrepreneur. If standing alone in behind a chair doesn't make you a lean entrepreneur, nothing does."

Below that on the home page, you'll be able to explore the marketplace. It's set up that way because so you don't miss out on any of the opportunities that are there. is a place for people with skills that translate across the internet to reach out and have people find them. Today we're talking about video and video related services. However, there are other useful services that are available as well.

Need a logo? You can get that done there. Need a business card put together? You can get that done there. Need somebody to tinker on your website and do one or two things? You can probably get that done there, too. There is a plethora of things you can get done on

However, there is a caution that I have to throw out there if I'm trying to do right by you, before you amble over to that site.

You get what you pay for.

Now don't get me wrong, there is goodness over there. But there's badness there as well. It's kind of similar to craigslist. With craigslist it's good, it's good. But there's a downside to craigslist that's well documented. And so it is with Fiverr.

Okay, maybe I exaggerate just a little bit with the craigslist example. Fiverr's not that bad. There is, however, a very wide range of skill sets and abilities there. The best practice for making sure that you're dealing with someone who's got a good reputation and can do what say they can do, is limit yourself to working with top level, first level, or second level sellers.

You can filter your search results by those rankings so you don't need to do that much work to figure out who to work with. Of course it takes a little bit to get to those higher rankings and by the time you get there they're a little bit more in demand than by everyone else that's out there. So you may have to pay a little bit more than $5 dollars for whatever your looking for. However, no matter what your paying you're still not going to break the bank. So, big whoop...

So how do you get a video made on Fiverr?

Believe it or not it's not the hardest thing in the world to do.

It starts with your marketing message so its probably a good idea to think about that before you actually go over to Fiverr. At Fiverr you'll find, that the people who operate over there tend to have a narrow scope of work in which they operate. They're not going to fill in the gaps in what your not bringing to the table.

If you hire someone to do your video the first thing they're going to want is a script to make the video around. They're not going to create the script for you. Well, some people will and those are usually the top sellers, or the higher sellers. They're obviously a little bit more expensive. But it still brings back to the point is you need to know what you need to say before you get going. That's kind of what I run into when I'm building a website. A lot of people who never had a website before don't realize that a website's just your marketing message thrown on a website. That's all it is. But it starts with your marketing message.

The Importance of Your Marketing Message

When I put a website together I have no problem getting a contact page together, because most people know where they work.

I have no problem with the services page because most people know what they do.

I have no problem with the testimonials. Kind of writes itself if you think about it.

The page I have the most difficulty with is the About page. That's the page where people have to say, this is why I'm special. This is what I bring to the table. This is what you need to know about me. Its the page that says, this is why I'm not like the person standing behind the chair next to me.

You want people to come sit in your chair but why should they? That's the kind of stuff that ends up on the About page and it's the kind of stuff that ends up in your marketing message. It's what you must have a good grasp on before you go to Fiverr to get a video made.

Working the Process with Fiverr

So let's assume that you've spent some time thinking about that and you're like, "Okay, I know what makes me special and I know how to tell people what makes me special." Let's get a video made. Now the process of working with Fiverr in any gig, it doesn't matter whether or not your doing a video or your having someone do some website work for you, having somebody make a logo, it doesn't matter. It starts with the same thing. You go to the search box, you type in what's special do you want, or you make your way down through the directory. And then you're going to end up with a page full of people who say, "I can do this task." Whatever task it happens to be. In this case we're talking about making a video. Whiteboard video.

Well, you know that everyone on that table, we said they're not all created equal, so we need to filter those out. Filter out everyone except the top level sellers, the first level sellers and the second level sellers. You don't want people learning on your dime, because if you don't you're going to end up with people who maybe their first day on Fiverr is maybe your first day on Fiverr and that's not necessarily somebody you want to have considered. You want to deal with people who got a track record. You want to know that whoever your selecting at least have the skills. That way you're only working on style points, not skill and ability just style points. Because everyone has a certain level of skill that you're working with.

So now that you filtered all those other folks out, now's a case of going around through each one of the descriptions and deciding, does this person sound like they're somebody I want to work with? And the cool part is, like Amazon, you can kind of look through who's worked with them before and see what they have said because one of the things you're encouraged to do, for obvious reasons. But what are the other things they do that is kind of fun and a little bit telling, depending on who it is, is a lot of them will put video. Why? Well, it's the same reason I'm telling you to do a video. Video sells. Video makes it easier for people to digest what you're doing. But you know one thing about video? And especially since we're talking about this and especially since we're talking about getting a video made on Fiverr? A lot of times the video that they use to sell themselves does the exact opposite.

Oh, man what a crappy video. I know it didn't sound like it because I know all you can do is hear it. It was pretty generic as they go. The same piece of software, a lot of music, so you kind of see the same characters and stuff like that all over again. Which really doesn't take away from it because chances are the people you competing with aren't doing anything like this whatsoever anyway. No real loss there. But the video had typos in it, and then the sound. Did you notice that the music was so loud compared to the words? Don't make me fight over it because its going to make the video a turn-off, so if you can't figure that out and you're trying to market you, you're not going to get a chance to market me. So that's kind of how it works.

And then of course, I look down through the description and I noticed that this was one of those gigs where you had to bring your own script to the table. And you also had a few other things that I was like, "You know, I don't know that I really want to pay that number that you're asking for that quality of a video. I think I can do better." That's the kind of thing you can pick up by going through all the different ones out there and just kind of browsing and seeing what they bring to the table. You will end up on one or two that you like. The biggest thing for me is when I look at the product that you're putting out there to show me what you bring to the table, if it looks like poo that's all I need to know.

Notice the difference? I'm going to guess that you probably did. That video, was from a top rated seller. The first one was from a level two seller. Both of them were technically sufficient, however, the top rated seller's style points were definitely higher. More expensive as well.

The first one charged $35 dollars for every 100 words, top rated seller starts at $75 dollars and that's for 15 seconds. So there's a distinct difference for the products that you get depending on who you working with. Your situation will dictate which one's the best one for you to work with.

While we're talking price, one of the things I do want to make sure you keep in mind is that depending on what type of video you're making, the extra price is probably going to be worth it. And the reason I say that is because some videos are evergreen. Like the typical branding video that's not tied to a specific promotion or anything like that. That bad boy stays online for a long time and you can keep recycling it and putting it in different places. So you're going to get a lot of mileage out of that one so you definitely want it to be a higher quality. If you're doing a video for a promotion that you've got coming up for the holiday or you have a specific sale or something like that. The production value doesn't have to be as high, so kind of bear that in mind as you're putting that together or deciding who you're going to go with for each individual project.

Now before we put down this Fiverr video thing I want to make sure that we give you a full, well rounded understanding of what can be done on Fiverr. Last week we talked about different types of videos and the purpose of all that and we talked about a thing called an explainer video. The point I want to make is that this video is made with your smartphone. Unless you think that a smartphone video can't look good or have great production value, a lot of times the only thing that you need is someone to take that video and just chop it up a little bit.

Now that particular seller is a level two seller and that particular gig starts off at $5 dollars. So as you can see, very accessible. There's a powerful little tool sitting out there waiting for you. Its called video and now, hopefully, I've opened your eyes as to what's possible. It's well within your reach so all you've got to do is go for it.


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