Facebook Changes The News, YouTube Changes The Channel


The AllFacebook blog wonders How Has Facebook Changed News Delivery? Youtube Channel changes and a first look at the MAX A/B Wordpress plugin.

A Quick Intro to I Help Salons

I Help Salons is here to help Salon Owners put cheeks in the seats and keep the appointment book full. To do that you need to use all the tools in the tool kit. Your website is one of those tools. Most salon owner’s are way out in left field when it comes to deploying their website. I help Salons is here to show you how to rock your salon website the right way.

The Internet is Constantly Changing
The 'net' doesn’t stop. Your can either pay someone to help you stay up to date, or keep your ear to the ground. You’re running a salon so staying current in the salon industry is a priority. Trying to stay up to date online is usually a bridge to far. That’s where I Help Salons comes in.

Split Testing the Easy Way.
The MAX A/B plugin is simple, clean solution for optimizing pages on your website to increase conversion. It does what it does simply and gives you the info you’re looking for the same way.
The plugin works with any theme Experiments consist of the original page, up to 3 variation pages, and a conversion page.

The metrics captured by the MaxA/B plugin are:
  • Total visitors in the experiment
  • Total visitors for the original page and each variation page
  • Number of conversions for the original page and each variation page
  • Conversion rate for the original page and each variation page
  • Percent improvement for each variation page as compared to the original page.

AllFacebook - The Unoffical Facebook Blog
AllFacebook ran a series of articles the last couple of weeks based on the Pew Research Center’s annual report on American Journalism. In this episode we discuss the impact of the findings to your Salon Marketing Plan.

YouTube Channel Change
We discuss the changes to YouTube Channels as yet another large corporation makes a business decision that will have second and third order effects for salons and their marketing plans.

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