What If Facebook Shut Down Your Page

In this episode we begin by asking what would you do if Facebook shut down your page? Regardless of whether you agree with their ability to do so, if Facebook thinks you violated their terms and conditions, you could be in for some social hurt.

The question is, what would you do if you lost access to all of the content that you have been posting for the past several years. More importantly, what would you do if you lost the ability to contact your Facebook audience?

In our current events segment we touch on "wearable computing." Specifically we address the possible impact that Google glasses and the rumor Apple watch will have on how you reach your audience.

We talk about the underlying concept that you should be thinking about when working your social media plan. It's easy to be consumed with pushing content to your audience and forget that you're trying to have a conversation with them.

Finally, I give you an update on the homework I owe you.

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