Why You Really Do Need a Salon Website

Unless you’re the only salon in a town in a town where salon services are in high demand, you need a salon website. That’s not as obvious a statement as it may seem so let’s take a few minutes to dig into why that statement is so true.

Back when I began putting together I Help Salons I came across an article that asked and answered a pretty straight forward question. “Why do small businesses need a website?”

I thought it covered the topic pretty well and I think I may have even referenced it in a podcast or an earlier blog post. What I liked the most was the approach. Instead of trying to convince his readers, the author simply recounted a simple exercise that I thought was quite effective.

This article answers the salon website question better than I could.  Since I’ve got nothing but love for my salon peeps, and I thought I’d pull up this little nugget so it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle at some point.

Why do small businesses need a website?

by Brent Mondoux – CEO, N-VisionIT Interactive

Why do small businesses need a websiteI can’t even count how many times I’ve been asked the simple question “Why does my small business need a website?” Ironically, it’s a simple question to answer and it’s one of those types of questions that is most effectively answered with another question: “How do you choose which companies you do business with?”

After an individual answers this question, I encourage them to perform an exercise. This exercise can be performed any time, any place but best done where they typically make decisions of this type. I ask them to setup a camcorder and record the entire exercise so that we can review it together.

This exercise has absolutely no rules, no time limit and only a few simple steps:

Identify 3 products or services that you will likely purchase in the next 1-3 months
Using whatever resource you typically would, start your research today (e.g. phone, yellow pages, Internet, etc.)
Once you are done narrowing down your options for these 3 products or services, document your decision

That’s it! It really is that simple. Go ahead and do the exercise now. Document your results and compare them to ours. You’ll see that they’ll be exactly the same.

So, what were our results? What did these individuals learn? Out of 11 individuals who performed this exercise, 29 of 33 decisions started with a simple search on the Internet. Within mere minutes the majority of decisions were narrowed down to between 2 or 3 options and some decisions were even completed. In more than half of these cases, the products or services that these individuals were seeking were not sold online, but, the information that they found was still absolutely vital in helping them to make their decisions.

Even if you don’t sell products or services online, it is where
the majority of customers decisions are initiated.

Read the original article here.

Your Salon Website Isn’t For You

I wasn’t sure how this little test would work for salons, given their history of word of mouth referrals, but as I began to focus on the beauty industry I realized that if any group of consumers does research online, it’s salon customers.

Salons with the best local online presence give themselves more most opportunities with new customers when they’re relocating to a new town or decide to test the waters in another salon. Of course, there will always be those owners who don’t want the hassle of establishing an online presence. Understandble. New can be difficult.

But if you’re a salon owner with that mindset, just keep coming back here to I Help Salons and I will do my best to remove the mystery from this thing called online marketing.

Thanks for the attention. Now, go forth and do good things.

Chris Carter

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