Citations For Websites. What Are They And How Do I Fix Them?

Online Directories

citationBuilding citations for websites is another one of those tasks that’s easy to over look.

It’s detail work, and it can be tedious, but it’s detail work that pays a dividend.  These little online votes send valuable traffic to your website. They also help with SEO.

Before you ever thought about building your website, your business was online. There are hundreds of directories online. Many of them have business listings for your salon.

Some are local. Some, like Citysearch, Merchant Circle are national.

Citations for Websites Are Big Business

The people who run business directories are not running a charity. Sites like Citysearch are attempting to stay relevant in a world dominated by social media.

For the last 16 years, you’ve come to rely on as the site with thorough local business listings and user reviews. Now, we’re taking the concept of being the trusted source for experiencing your city a step further by focusing on what we call “recommendations, not reviews.”



Make Your Citations Match

In this episode we discuss consistency. The most important thing about citations is having the same information listed for your salon wherever it’s mentioned online. The benefits your salon gets from each of these online mentions is lost when they don’t match. Luckily, there are tools that can make this tedious task a little less painful. Roboform is an online form filler, that’s ideal for creating consistent listings from directory to directory. With its autofill capability, Roboform is ideal for quickly entering identical information.

Google Says
When it comes to citations for websites, Google listings go a long way. Since Google always reformats addresses to their liking, we mention the importance of making sure the address Google uses for your business is the address you use across the internet.

Citations for Websites: Difficulty level, low.

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